The colour in the waves just as they were breaking today was stunning.

@WelshPixie It did that in New Jersey the summer before last, and all the newspapers ran explainers because it doesn't happen here often: it was a combination between warmer temps than NJ usually sees (hi, global warming!) allowing the right algae and whatever, plus lack of inland rain which meant less silt in the water so it was a beautiful clear Caribbean turquoise. Lasted about a week and I didn't get down to see it in person. 😔

@gamehawk Aww! The ocean generally wasn't clear at all looking at it, only when the waves broke. The sun was just behind them so I'm pretty sure it was just sunlight filtering through while the water rose up.

@WelshPixie Yeah, the Jersey phenomenon (apparently 2016, not last summer 🤷) was a combination of the phytoplankton *and* water clarity so it was not just the waves, but the whole ocean:

(The waves tend to be north of Long Beach Island, where IIRC the bloom stayed mostly south of it. I lived south. Brigantine Island was my closest/favorite beach; the whole north end is a federal bird reserve.)

@gamehawk We get plankton here on the odd occasion that's bioluminescent. I always miss it though and hear about it the next day - I don't tend to be at the beach in the dark much XD

@WelshPixie We only went down to the beach in the dark once: there was a low-altitude sounding rocket launch from Wallops (best launch-site name EVAR) which you could (barely) see from Brigantine. It was also a full moon so there was a surprising number of photographers out there, many of whom were all "why are you people looking *south*, the moon is going to rise the other direction" and we were "oh boy do we have a treat for you."

No bioluminescence though.

@gamehawk We sometimes walk the dog at our nearest beach in the dark, when all the people have gone away XD

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