About 3am New Year's Day, a man in a town some 50km away shot a flare from his back garden in lieu of a firework. The fire drifted towards the mountain, landed in the dry summer grass, and started a fire that's still burning today and has traveled to a point on the mountain about 3km away from our town. Along the way, it's burned through a national botanical reserve.

We went for a walk this evening, and drove past the beach at sunset, with the smoke blowing in front of the sun.

We live on the flat ground on the left just in front of that mountain where the smoke is coming from. It's dark now and I can see the faint orange glow from the top of the mountain.

A jackal buzzard flying around in front of the smoky sunset.

Almost full sunset. There's the smoke drifting in front of the sun that kinda stops half way through the sun's sphere, and then just below there's a big thick bank of white cloud that's farther back and bouncing the sunlight upwards a bit.

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