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Del @WelshPixie

A haiku about getting out of bed:

No no no no no
No no no no no no no
No no no no no

@WelshPixie I mis the last line: "There's no Limit" 😁

@WelshPixie I feel like this will definitely resonate with you @SarcasmKid <3

@WelshPixie Mine is pretty similar, but also gets the mortgage paid.

No no no no no
No no no no no no no
Fine, dammit! I'm up.

@groundh0g ours is more accurately;

Cats will you please hush!
Can't you feed yourselves by now?
Oh goddammit, fine!

@WelshPixie My refusal isn't so directed or poetic, but it is in all-caps:

Warm inside my bed
The world seems so far away
Sweet smell of coffee