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Del @WelshPixie

When I joined masto, I gravitated towards following creative peeps and noticed a thing that's pretty common to all of us: we feel guilty for promoting places that people can buy our work or otherwise support us financially. So I started the hashtag for that very reason. Got an Etsy page? Online store? Patreon? Selling a piece of art? Throw that tag on it. Do it with unfettered abandon. Everyone else: Look at that tag for artists to support. Buy their stuff. Help them create. <3

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@WelshPixie Ooh, we should be using this tag a lot more...!

@ExilianOfficial Yeah! Didn't expect it to take off as much as it did, and it does get a load of use - but yes, everyone who creates should use it for selling their stuff or finding backers or whatever \o/

@WelshPixie Yays :) We're a tiny but long-running democratic web community for supporting small & hobbyist geek-creative stuff, so we're kinda here tooting monthly newsletters showcasing folks' projects and regular interesting articles for people and that sort of thing :)

@WelshPixie Thank you for the info. You are an angel.

@WelshPixie Anyone know if Mastodon admins can add custom profile fields? Might be a neat way to encourage members that it's ok to promote oneself and one's work if there's a "buy my stuff" field right in the profile page.

@sivy I actually have no idea but I can try to find out!

@WelshPixie @sivy I'm 99% sure that custom profile fields would need hacking/coding on the mastodon backend, currently - So not something any admin can do :)

@sivy @WelshPixie Mastodon admins can do anything, in principle, 'cause it's open source

@Efi @WelshPixie sure but not sure how many admins are Ruby developers and know how to add profile fields, code to handle saving them, code to store them, and code to display them...

if the feature is not built in.

@sivy @WelshPixie only one needs to do it and send a PR =3

@sivy @WelshPixie In the meantime, create a toot with all your relevant links an "pin" it. It will appear at the top of your profile toots. You can even have more than one pinned toot!

@photopuck @sivy I keep forgetting to make a pinned toot myself actually. XD

@WelshPixie @sivy Yeah, I didn't know about it for a while, it's a great feature. I pinned my .ART introductions post and am quite happy with it!

@WelshPixie I got the hastag pinned now, so I can wander through the posts at my leisure. I shut down my Esty and such due to a lack of sales. When the cost of posting put a hurting on my penny jar, I had no other choice.

I realized then that the lack of a solid following is the death of any art-based freelancing career. >.> I kick myself for not posting more, more often, and posting more finished works. <.<

@drakenhart it's difficult. Often the networking and marketing and admin sucks up as much, if not more, time than creating. :(

@WelshPixie Indeed. I was watching a series on Netflix that follows different creatives - and one was a fine artist. In order to just paint, she had to hire an accountant, marketing people, gallery organizers, and such. Even so she has to sit them them regularly in order to orchestrate her career goals.

Most of us online, we don't have that. >.> but the tools out there *are* improving!

@drakenhart Gosh, if only XD I want to hire someone to erase my pencil lines and darn in my crochet ends, haha

@WelshPixie XD I <3 crochet. Those ends can be a royal PITA.

I'd love to have a social media assistant, or someone to post to all the galleries.accounts I have. ^.^ Heck, it'd be nice to have a Nanny too, or a second adult to help me wrangle kids so that I can work on painting or animating! ^.^

@drakenhart Ah yeah! Someone who pulls my finished pieces from an FTP file, does all the resizing appropriate for sharing on various social media sites but also for uploading to product places like Redbubble...

@WelshPixie Additional note: It's a reason why I don't push more of my stuff out. I have like 2 hours a day (maybe) to use at my choice. And often this is fighting to keep my kids in bed so they go to sleep. >.> heh. #artistparentwoes

@drakenhart Aw :( I don't have that problem, just hustling cats off the desk when I'm drawing, heh

@WelshPixie Thanks Del. That's a good idea and I hope it helps attract support for the work many of us are doing.

Instead of setting up a page on one of the online sites, I created my own page, showing work I've been doing for past 24 years to help make mentor-rich non-school programs available to youth in high poverty areas, and inviting people to offer financial support. Here's the link.


@tutormentor1 That's an awesome think you're doing! <3

@WelshPixie this is true of contributing to, or maintaining, an open-source project too. I think the stigma around approaching your audience, hat in hand, for money is wearing down, though. I see more and more creators on Patreon, and approve! Building a business is hard, and I think a lot of people see a "sales pitch" and don't appreciate the work behind it. Promote away!

@WelshPixie - Haha, you are so right. I hate promoting myself.

@WelshPixie Totally misunderstood what that tag was for. I thought it was a general art posting tag, whoops!

The more you know!

@ProfessionalDrawer No it's cool! It kinda got appropriated for general art use but it's all good, still lets people discover art :D