Creativity is a skill that can be learned and practiced and improved upon.

Fight me.

@WelshPixie I would, but, I'm not creative enough to figure out a counter argument... :coolcat:

@WelshPixie I mean, I agree, and I'm not very good at fisticuffs... Maybe a pool noodle fencing bout?

@WelshPixie Yay! This is one of the core principles of Eric Booth's "The Everyday Work of Art," one of my favorite little books ever. Here, "work" is a verb. "The work of art" is the action, the praxis, the _doing_.

Creativity is something you can work at, not just the mechanics but training yourself to think differently, to be more open to change, etc.

@WelshPixie I will only fight you if we get comically large foam swords and we are overly dramatic about all of it.

@WelshPixie Alas, where once there was the seed of a budding friendship now there is naught but strife and malice! For you have wronged me for the last time and I must have satisfaction!!

Prepare yourself you knave, prepare yourself to know my just wrath as I make you pay for your myriad crimes!!!

@inmysocks *puts warpaint on cheeks, grabs spear - er - nerfspear* RAAAAAH

@DialMforMara For me, with my art, it's always asking 'what if' - what if I do THIS instead of THAT, what if I combine this with that, etc. And then that involves research and experimentation; trying a medium I might not be comfortable with but that's kinda connected to what I do, thinking about applying my art to different things - it's training my brain to always ask 'what if'.

@WelshPixie @DialMforMara
How to get better at inventing things: invent things.

@Anke @DialMforMara Heh, kinda. But it's forcefully doing a thing until it stops needing to be forced and starts coming intuitively.

@WelshPixie yeah, if art is some ineffible magic they would need to explain why most of the great masters were selected almost at random and trained in glorified art factories. I just have no artistic skills because I spent my formative years learning useless trivia so I can say way too much about duck penises at parties....

@Capheind ooh yes, hadn't even thought about the 'art factories'!

@Capheind or duck penises.

(Actually duck penises came up in a conversation with a friend recently XD)

@WelshPixie Counter hypothesis: creativity is natural to all humans and present in all children; then forcefully unlearned in state schools by most. Some people retain it, some people re-learn it, some people forget forever.

@raucao Quite possible. I do think that very few learning establishments actively promote the fostering of creativity.

@WelshPixie This is easy to observer in Alzheimers patients e.g.: in later phases, when they revert back into a child-like state, they love painting and creating things in general (if you show them how). Even if they were utterly uncreative over their adult lifetime and would've never even tried.

@WelshPixie This is timely, I just spent way too long working on a difficult art.

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