Progress! Now I need to repeat those two corner mandala segments on the other side. They take about 1.5 hours each.

My first dragon fight on this character in Skyrim. See that one pic where the kitty comes into view? Dragon still had over half health. Kitty pwned it.

Still playing around with Delaunay Triangulations and Voronoi Tessellations :D

Another Skyrim screenie. I'm playing with a mod that puts jewelry in the game that lets you summon animals. The first item I found was a ring that summons a saber cat. So now I have a pet saber cat wandering around with me. ^.^ (The animal stays active as long as the item is worn.) I'll take some screenshots of me and my giant fuzzball tomorrow. :)

the next part of Warden!

You can read what I've written so far here:

It's a m/m gay romance in a fantasy setting. Light-hearted, safe for work.

Took me 35 minutes to do the shading on that mandala bit in the left corner...

his pack contains 15 decorative hand-drawn mandalas to download, print, and colour, for the low low price of $5 (though you can 'tip' extra, too <3 ).

It includes my two most recent hand-drawn mandalas that I've had requests to have as colouring pages!

(If you're one of my Patreon supporters at the $4.50 tier, I'll be making a post shortly that has this pack included :) )


A variety of fineliners on A5 size 220gm smooth heavyweight paper. Took 15 - ish hours.

For Sale! $80 USD for the signed original, which includes worldwide shipping. Message if you want it.

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