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his pack contains 15 decorative hand-drawn mandalas to download, print, and colour, for the low low price of $5 (though you can 'tip' extra, too <3 ).

It includes my two most recent hand-drawn mandalas that I've had requests to have as colouring pages!

(If you're one of my Patreon supporters at the $4.50 tier, I'll be making a post shortly that has this pack included :) )


A variety of fineliners on A5 size 220gm smooth heavyweight paper. Took 15 - ish hours.

For Sale! $80 USD for the signed original, which includes worldwide shipping. Message if you want it.

Wait, no, haven't added the seventeen million photography sites I'm on :/

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I think this is possibly almost everything on now!

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Everyone using, thank you so much! We passed 100 users while I wasn't looking, and it's really exciting. I hope this is useful to everyone—right now it's just the bare minimum, but I want to make it more useful to you all, while keeping it as aggressively simple as I can. Don't hesitate to get in touch and let me know what I can do to improve it for you.

Hands up if you've been arguing with a man about the Gillette advert today!

*hands out chocolate*

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Arm day at the gym. Upped some of my weights. Ded. 💀

Why is it always the mornings that you need to get up early that your brain says 'Sleep? PFFFF'

Look at this amazeballs art.

"The choice of colours, while appearing somewhat arbitrary, is actually extremely carefully planned. The painting is done using several hundred different coloured inks, and is made up of 12,800 squares, each measuring 5mm x 5mm."

Progress. The cats are demanding I stop this silly art nonsense and feed them, so I guess I'll continue this later#MastoArt

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