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I desperately need more teachers to do trigger warnings for their content.
I've had a handful of content for class this week that should have had a trigger warning slapped on, but wasn't. And, like, I wasn't triggered--this time. But who knows about next time, or the next individual?
Put trigger warnings on content, regardless. Always, always, always.

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prisoner voting (I'm sick don't trust me) Show more

Guess whose Nier Automata data got erased while she was at college?πŸ™ƒπŸ˜”

Images finished so far for a project where they're gonna all be compiled into a book

People without gender labels are beautiful!

Not even lowkey I think a lot about starting a blog to hype up/gush over books I like, but I always get nervous.

Good morning, things maybe hard right now, but you’ll survive and prosper.

HELLO GAMERS and non-gamers and everyone in between?

I made a trash game over the weekend! It's called Replydra and it's about being a reply guy? I know, crazy right? It's not -that- funny and it doesn't make a statement really, idk what it is. It wasn't a great concept. But I followed it through!

Anyway, I made this game for the weird battle system and some Mastodon friends. Please feel free to try it out and tell me it's trash!!! Much love, Jojo.

I'm going to sleep for 20 years now.

The gender of the day is a hidden werewolf in a magic city.

Some of you might recognize this as the cover piece for January's sketchbook PDF!

If you want to see pieces as I complete them AND enjoy supporting indie artists, sign up for my members-only blog through Patreon ( ) or my shop ( ).

( #nsfw #art #mastoart #gay )

April screenprinted postcard!!
sign up at my patreon!! check the post for more pictures!! exclamation marks!!

@WickedVegetabl3 I’m happy where I am, but I want to go other places too. So much is so beautiful.

I’ve been told that when the trains run at night, sometimes the coyotes howl in response. Unfortunately, the dorms aren’t in close enough proximity for me to hear that wild sound, that canine chorus.
I can, however, hear the train. The whistle is enough some nights to thrill me just a bit.

ICYMI: You Are A Wizard is 50% off for the next week!!!!!

Do spells! Solve riddles! Cope with the death of a loved one! Hang out with genderqueer foxes! Debate the nature of reality! Begin to accept that you might actually be a shitty person!

It is extremely liberating to not pretend that you know things you don't. It also opens you up to a lot more chances to learn shit. It rules

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