@larand@mastodon.xyz @Gargron @peemee how do us old time app.net folks get over there? 😃

@larand@mastodon.xyz I didn’t look here for three days and it looks like there is a huge damn dumpster fire. What the hell is going on?

Oh, so I'm starting to collect a list of people who might be interested in a native Mac tootclient...

Feel free to toot'n'boost this.

birbsite, but animals, so prolly ok? 

@ConfusedImp I don't get why pizzas of all nationalities can't just get along. I mean, they're all tasty and wind up sharing the same fate in the end.

@lilithsaintcrow Thanks for the pointer! I'm looking at them now - not sure which path I'm going to take yet, but having the knowledge is super helpful.

Also, thanks for writing amazing stories! Jill Kismet and Bannon and Clare have kept me entertained and going during many flights and late nights. =)

@Alonealastalovedalongthe That's a new thing to me. Googling now... (also I'm a fan of taters.)

@tmtrains I'm just pondering ideas right now. I do have adventure.club that I had a masto instance running on a long time ago, but I was the only user cause I was just goofing with it.

Hey there folks. I'm thinking about running my own instance of mastodon, again. What's the most cost-effective, production-quality setup? Heroku? Amazon? Digital Ocean? Anyone out there doing this?

@Cdespinosa there are no regrets on a network where you can toot and retoot.

Funeral Stuff / Self-Care 

Dear friends working on Mastodon clients:

Please expose “via NameOfApp” wherever you can. It’s so neat to be able to learn what apps are out there by clicking through on that.

Hey, #Keybase users: If you'd like to see Mastodon support in Keybase (which is just *perfect* in a federated network to verify people) and have a GitHub account: make sure to voice your wish, +1ing this comment on the related issue. That might make it happen!


@radioactive@mastodon.xyz let me know the results. For science. 😜

@radioactive@mastodon.xyz yum! For double points, try pouring hot chocolate over it. The sugar rush will keep you going for an hour or so... til you crash. Hard.

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