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Hey @wogan - Thanks for making that mastodon bring-up doc and video! That's great work.

I've got an instance for adventure parked at heroku right now (powered off at the moment as I wasn't sure where I wanted to host it) - I was thinking of putting it on Digital Ocean. It seems you've got the install as an "all-in-one" setup - is there any benefit to putting the DB on its own VPS?

Great. I just updated my 'backup/burner' phone (a Nexus 6) to the latest security update and the damn thing refuses to boot. Time to break out the Android toolset. BLAHHHHHHHH.

Current status: attempting to set up a mastodon instance in heroku, because reasons.

I keep misspelling "mastodon" as "mastadon" and then I get surprised when shit doesn't work at all.

In other news, I can really be not that bright sometimes.

I *was* gonna setup my own mastodon instance tonight, but I wound up watching the Deadliest Catch pre-season stuff instead.

What? Don't judge me.

How many toots could a toot-boost boost if a toot-boost could boost toots?

Hi, I'm Bill, and I really really really really really hate hipchat.

The year is 2017. The door to Mastodon has been sealed. Those inside toot for survival.

OK, I'm gonna be setting up a mastodon instance. I can't seem to find the server requirements though from a CPU/RAM/Disk space standpoint. Would love to hear what folks are running their stuff on.

Wait, wait, everyone. If you're teaching someone how to use Mastodon, are you giving them a... toot-orial?

Toying with the idea of spinning up my own mastodon server since that seems to be what all the cool kids are doing, but I also realize that may be the path to madness.

However, it does seem super wicked cool.

I wonder how much this would cost if I just went ahead and did it...

clock watching has become my new pastime. at least for today.

Has anyone had any luck with the mastadon <-> twitter bridge for finding buddies on the twitter network? It's blowing up for me when I try to login to mastadon.

It's really interesting to watch everyone talk about the newness of Mastadon.

Then again, I'm easily amused.

Test driving Amaroq on iOS. Second post... this reminds me of the heady days of Digging it.


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