So, how has "TOOT!" been translated in every supported langage ? This way :

English : TOOT!

German : TRÖTT!!

Spanish : PUBLICAR!

Portuguese : PUBLICAR!

French : POUET!

Hungarian : TÜLK!!


Chinese : PUBLISH!


We'll, I can see why French people are so found of Mastodon. We're tooting in arguably the most ridiculous French word.

@Alterminus @Willvs few Finnish though, and that's not surprising given that their Toot button cannot fit on smartphone screens...

@ker @Willvs open source is slow, but democratic, and powerful at the end. Wanna help ? Do it

@Alterminus @Willvs I would suggest a shorter word... if only I spoke Finnish, which I don't 😶 (hey it was just a joke,on the tone of the former post, not at all a critic)

@ker @Willvs wasn't a critic either, it's the way open source projects grows, by gathering help.

@ker @Alterminus Now that you're mentioning it... Maybe in landscape mode ? :)

@mux2000 Oh, really ? And what does it exactly mean ?

("pouet" is the sound of a klaxon, or a fake fart)

@Willvs It's a verb that originally meant to play the trumpet, but was colloquially borrowed to describe the sound elephants make.

@Willvs I want Russian to be пух(путь). Ни пуха ни хера!

@Willvs ** quietly submits a pull request to change "pouet" into "prout" and prove you wrong**

@Willvs Someone has started a turkish translation of Tusky and is unsure of this one.

Apparently, "ötmek" is close but doesn't have the same connotations.

@Vavassor So someone is trying to figure out how to translate "toot" in Turkish and keep the light-hearted connotation.


I so love this place.

Tu utilises Google Translate ? Quel(le) has been. Sur Mastodon, il y a un chat bot hyper efficace : @Willvs comment on dit "clé de douze" en mandarin ?

@TouitTouit Ben non patatounette. Ce sont les traductions déjà intégrées quand tu changes de langue dans les paramètres.

@Willvs donc tu sais pas comment on dit clé de douze en mandarin ?

@TouitTouit Alors étonnement, non. Mais je sais faire une clé de bras dans toutes les langues !

@Willvs now we're talking. Je sais dire "Allons à la plage, Monsieur Renard" en espagnol, s'il te plaît.

@Willvs It can also be written as ‟POUËT” in french. Personally I prefer with the accent.

@Willvs (oups j'viens seulement de voir que t'es français)

@etn The accent just gave me a phonecall, he prefered not to be mentionned in a POUET-related discussion.

@etn En même temps si on s'écrivait nos blagues en français on se comprendrait mieux.

@Willvs Oui, oui, c'est vrai x)

Alors, c'est l'histoire d'un pingouin qui respire par les fesses. Un jour, il s'assoit, et il meurt.

Non mais, sinon, qu'est-ce que j'ai pas compris avec le coup du pouët-pouet ? Ou alors c'était drôle uniquement sur le coup, c'est une blague qui s'explique pas ?

@Willvs I don't have the time to translate Mastodon but in Arabic toot should be طوط.

@saqeram Thanks to you I learnt the "t" letter in arabic.

(I've tried a few times to learn arabic and find the writing mesmerizing but so hard to memorize...)

@Willvs there are two t sounds one emphatic ط and one soft ت. 😊

@Willvs @saqeram doesn't that just spell "toot" in Arabic script? surely there's a word in Arabic that's roughly equivalent?

@Willvs in spanish should be something like "claxon" or "bocinar" instead of "publicar" (= to publish, or to post)

@Willvs in french that sounds like a horn and i think this is fun !

@Willvs Actually, the Ukrainian version would be transliterated as
"Dmukhnuty" (d-moo-kh-noo-ty) and, according to the Ukrainian-to-Russian dictionary, means "to blow (air into something)".

@usr_local_share Oh, thanks ! I must confess I had a hard time with this one :-)

@Willvs Heck, I'm Russian, and even I struggle with Ukrainian sometimes (even though they're very closely related).

@Willvs I'm dying, the finnish "toot" word doesn't even fit in a tweet

@Willvs Spanish and Portuguese are very disappointing. That's why you hardly see any content in these languages.

@Willvs All theses "PUBLI-" word missed the whole meaning of the original word "toot"

@Willvs Oui, monsieur, pouët ! et tellement, qu'en pouëtant je vais -- hop ! - à l'improvisade, vous pouëter une ballade.

@Willvs Et les Italiens, les rois du klaxon ils pouètent aussi ??

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