johny memes rotted everyones brain and there wil be no more memes for the year.


trying to remember to use this more but its hard tbh

when i drink alcohol, everyone calls me an alcoholic

but when i drink fanta, no one calls me fantastic


im still kinda wrapping my head around the whole idea of instances and such

║░▒║ RT this
║░▒║ to show
║░▒║ your followers
║░▒║ a sword

EVERYBODY! When my baby bunny drinks milk she does this cute thing with her little paw. It's important that you know this.

mastodons cool but i wish there were a way to find all the geeks and gamers in the crowd

Tbh I don't care if I come off as a sourpuss or harshing mellows or whatever when I say the Johny Johny thing sucks honking dogshit

"Rick and Morty comic where characters talk about wanting to fuck the McElroys" is my activation phrase and now I'm on my way to do some assassinations

guh its like 80 in the warehouse and my back is radiating heat like im some kinda kaiju

4 = nybble
8 = byte
16 = chawmp
32 = meele
64 = feaste

guns, mass shootings 

whomst will be the first french philosopher to get a mastodon

JAPANESE MASTODON: Well-adjusted, polite people talking about stuff like video game strats and food

FRENCH/GERMAN MASTODON: Educated, politically oriented people talking about national politics and sharing news articles

SPANISH MASTODON: literal pictures of Shrek's hog

ENGLISH MASTODON: c h e e b s b e b o r b g e r

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