Can anyone recommend a code editor for the Android platform? Prefer something on @fdroidorg if possible.


How about Termux? It's a Linux shell with a package manager, so it isn't exactly an editor, but you can install both vim and Emacs on it. Couple that with "Hacker's Keyboard" and you're golden.

@WingmanJD @fdroidorg I know of none in the official repo, but there are a few in mine (Pascal N-IDE, ModPE, Enlightened), see this list:

Depend on what you want. If you want just to write in Markdown, I like Markor.
For code completion I use Shader Editor but there is not a lot of langage supported :/

I use 920 Text Editor, but that is only available on github.

Install #Termux and then its #vim package, pkg install vim
Preferably along with #HackersKeyboard

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