Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside while still alive. Never surrender.

- Tupac Shakur

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Be Digitally Literate.

In this week's issue, we discuss COVID & mental health, the Facebook Files, reprioritization, and celebrate Hypervisible.

Schools Are Seeing Shortages of Bus Drivers, Cafeteria Workers and Other Essential Roles.

Just weeks into the new year, schools are struggling to fill jobs. Low pay, few benefits and erratic schedules are keeping workers away.

Activists are helping Texans get access to abortion pills online.

Reaching people in need is another challenge, so activists often target Instagram and TikTok to pass on information about the pills. They use Instagram slideshows to show how they work and hashtags that make searching for information easier.

The Godmother of the Digital Image.

The mathematician Ingrid Daubechies’ pioneering work in signal processing helped make our electronic world possible — and beat a path for women in the field.

If you’re too bright for others, they’ll try to find some shade.

Lisa Nichols


Be digitally literate. Here's issue #302.

Ecological Harmonization of Humans With Everything Non-human

This week we discuss COVID vaccination rates, trolls, application algorithms, Twitch followers, and mental resilience.

Brazil’s Restrictive New Social Media Rules Could Be an Omen For the Future of the Internet.

The decree temporarily bans social media platforms from removing many types of content, including misinformation about COVID-19 and the country’s upcoming presidential election.

Our lives are dominated by technology, but we don’t understand it very well.

Be Digitally Literate. Here's issue #302.

This week we discuss cancel culture, mycelium, surveillance states, mirrors, windows, telescopes, and sprialing.

Mob Justice Is Trampling Democratic Discourse - The Atlantic

...the modern online public sphere, a place of rapid conclusions, rigid ideological prisms, and arguments of 280 characters, favors neither nuance nor ambiguity.

Fascinating research about freedom of speech, and censorship on college campuses.

Foundation for Individual Rights in Education says threats against scholars’ speech rights increasingly come from students -- and from the political left.

Clair Baisley, 33, was one of four Dorchester District 2 employees who died in the first days of school. She had COVID-19. At least two of the others reportedly did, as well.

A new study reveals what we can learn about how to persuade people by watching robots

Experiments with swarms of robots have shown that sporadic social interactions can increase the spread of newly discovered information, compared to sharing the information with all members of a group at once.

Coding is a skill that’s now part of just about every discipline — and what’s more, it’s fun for kids to learn, and easy for parents and teachers to add to lessons at home or school.

As kids get ready to go back to's a great list of apps and platforms to build these skills.

Misconfigured Power Apps from Microsoft exposed 38 million records on the open Internet, including data from a number of COVID-19 contact-tracing platforms, vaccination sign-ups, job application portals, and employee databases.

The data included a range of sensitive information, from people’s phone numbers and home addresses to Social Security numbers and COVID-19 vaccination status.

Hi all...thanks for the great feedback and engagement last night.

In response, I wrote up a post indicating the "how" as I move one of my classes to more of an system. In my next posts, I'll talk more about the "why" and then reflect on the feedback many of you provided.

James Loewen, Author Of 'Lies My Teacher Told Me,' Dies At 79

Loewen "could clearly illustrate a problem of injustice, often historical but tied to the present, and motivate the reader or listener to want to take action to solve that problem."

The Department of Education is preparing its Office of Civil Rights to investigate schools that have blocked school mask mandates and other efforts to try to keep students and educators safe from COVID-19.

Civil Rights Probe Into States Blocking School Mask Mandates : Back To School: Live Updates : NPR

‘Fortnite’ and ‘Minecraft’ are getting kids excited about learning again.

As STEM educators work to rebound from the pandemic’s disruptions, they’re giving students the opportunity to build stuff in virtual worlds.


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