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Most of this data is locked down on password protected computers, but as I explore open scholarship and open data, I've increasingly asking for permission from my IRB, & participants to share this content online. (2/X)

Thinking more about the Duke surveillance study, and the lessons learned for open scholarship. As a digital researcher, I have tons of photos, video, and audio of students working online, interview data, observations, etc. (1/X)

Duke study recorded thousands of students’ faces. Now they’re being used all over the world.

Chilling account of issues with data collection & surveillance in modern society...& an example of the challenges of collecting data & sharing it openly online.

A new platform that makes “editing video as easy as editing text.” Deepfakes continue to raise questions about critical eval & disinfo online. Current "checklist" approaches to evaluating info will not prepare students to consume/critique these sources.

Giving a talk today about coding & computational thinking today to a group of MG and High School teachers in

Here's the slide deck.

Moving from Computational Thinking to Coding & Programming with Adolescents

In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life. It goes on. - Robert Frost

Inspired by Digitally Literate #200 -

Be digitally literate.

Here's your weekly dose of expertise. Issue #200!!! It goes on.

This week we talk about Facebook, Facebook-coin, the Apple developer's conference, summer reading, Robert Frost, and some Black Midi.

Enjoy. :)

Who gets grant money? The (gendered) words decide.

"Female scientists are 16% less likely than men to get a high score on their grant proposal due to word choice."

More questions about the anonymity (or the lack thereof) in the peer-review process.

Facebook is reportedly planning to announce its cryptocurrency later this month. They also indicated they could even allow employees working on the project to accept payment in the cryptocurrency.

Would you be interested in this form of currency?

I wrote a thing about the six criteria we use to describe assessments.

I view most of these as "false dichotomies" as assessment is (IMHO) a review of the educator & not of student. Assessments should change with new learning, practices, & skills.


Thrilled to announce that - a book that & I have written for the Essential Knowledge series - is available for via! The peer review will be open all summer, pls RT & share your thoughts using


Facebook shareholders try & fail to limit Mark Zuckerberg’s power. With a regular series of Facebook scandals and a less than stellar response, shareholders are furious at the way Zuckerberg has handled scandals. They think the company needs a shakeup.

Asimov’s Laws of Robotics, & why AI may not abide by them.

We know problems when we try to create one language to work across multiple cultures, dialects, regions. There is a need for localization of language, code, & ethics embedded in machine learning.


How can and should colleges improve the use of student data collected by an LMS? Be transparent. Allow students to opt out. Give students simultaneous access to the data (it’s theirs after all).



I love this! Tools that get students creating and collaborating can be used freely! A Food Pyramid for Kids' Media Consumption via


Men, their rights, and nothing more; women, their rights, and nothing less.

- Susan B. Anthony

Inspired by Digitally Literate #199 -

Be digitally literate.

Here's your weekly read, Digitally Literate #199 - Nothing less.

This week we talk about behaviorism, propaganda, screentime, critical feminist pedagogy, & body language.

We use the tools, so find the strengths in them. by

"There is no doubt a proliferation of screens & in our world...let’s plan for more strategic, strengths-focused ways to tackle these issues, together."

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