NSFW - Turkish Soldiers Killing Women 

I don't call climbing on bloody trains and disrupting people's lives "peaceful protest" you idiots!

oh no, don't start thinking about camera bags, milan, yours is fine already aaaa xD

@WireSniffer you should try, it works and looks good; KDE if you like to have things at full capacity, XFCE if you like simplicity and stability (but dont expect it to be as feature-rich).
Also keep Cinnamon in mind - it feels close to Windows 7, customization is not as crazy as KDE but enough. But I guess once you will try KDE, there's no way back.

A BBC investigation has uncovered a secret world of sexual exploitation of children and young women by religious figures. Clerics are grooming vulnerable girls in Iraq and offering them for sex, using a controversial religious practice known as “pleasure marriage”.

Librem 5 has recently started shipping - so curious for (non-devkit) reviews!

Cloudflare's VPN isn't a traditional VPN — it encrypts your data without hiding your origin, so it's not meant to be used to access geographically-restricted content or to get around other restrictions. At its core, it's just meant to make your public browsing safer and faster.


@WireSniffer im no linuxpro but I heard that manjaro is good and xfce is light and fast and KDE is versatile 👍

BTW Should I be using Manjaro?

Then do I use Xfce or KDE?

me just in the latest #gnome :gnome:

* hmm some gestures would be nice...
* swipes three fingers ...
* swipes four fingers

*switches to next workspace*

* 🤯

* pinches four fingers ...
* pinches three fingers

*launches activities*

* 🤯 🚀 🎉

Latte Dock is a KDE Plasma dock and panel system which lets you customize your panels in some very interesting and useful ways. It takes a few steps to get installed but isn't too difficult and definitely worth checking out.



The penny appeared to drop earlier this month after Mozilla announced that they would proceed to enable the feature by default, albeit with a few caveats and starting in the USA (here). However Mozilla has now written to the Culture Secretary, Nicky Morgan MP, and said it “has no plans to turn on our DoH feature by default in the United Kingdom and will not do so without further engagement with public and private stakeholders” (The Guardian).

As an Internet Service Provider we run DNS resolver servers that our customers use. New DNS protocols have being developed and are starting to be used which increase privacy and security by encrypting DNS queries. The two main protocols for encrypted DNS are DNS over HTTPS (DoH) and DNS over TLS (DoT). This page gives information about our encrypted DNS services.


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