Hey Sexpo is an event with international porn stores
Should we advertise that on the Opera House?

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I fucking forgot about the time that Scott Morrison brought a lump of coal into parliament jesus christ. #auspol

If the Turnbull government was in a jumps race they be putting up the green screen and loading the gun about now

The Libs aren’t the party of small business
They are the party of the big banks that have been robbing small business blind for years

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Mastodon is kind of like if your local LGBT youth group got their hands on 500 kilos of pure Colombian cocaine

At least least doing “toots” is easier than reading anything on Reddit

BREAKING Malcolm Turnbull has dumped our Paris emissions target
Guess that confirms that the country is being run by a former PM & former Deputy PM

Well this pretty accurately sums up the Australian media currently

Day 1 on Mastodon, wonder how long before the trolls appear?

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« The man who said he was unaware that his deputy prime minister was screwing a staffer for over a year & had gotten her pregnant says he doesn't believe Shorten was unaware one of his MPs had staff issues. The media in this country are morons.  »

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RT @DineshMathew@twitter.com: .@TurnbullMalcolm the impact of ur racist dogwhistling. A 14 year old South Sudanese boy was violently stabbed twice by a Caucasian youths. This boy was walking home from school. The attack was racially motivated, they targeted him because he is an African Australian.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/DineshMathew/statu


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