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So this super cool thing for charity (Child's Play specifically) starts on Friday the 17th, and one of the best parts is you can win tons of cool stuff! Check it out maybe?

Also sorry for the link to BirdSite, not sure if that is cool here or not.

Also also look at me using BirdSite like a hip cat.

I tried to do this in my first few years as a student helpdesk tech with too much power about 12 years ago. Learned a lot while utterly failing.
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If you've never tried to implement Roaming Profiles or Folder Redirection at scale you have never truly lived because you have never seen beyond the rim of an event horizon to hell.

I would pay steam $5 to never tell me I have "new items in my inventory" ever again.

Finished work, had some dinner, watched a movie, and it's still 90 freaking minutes until the Avs game starts.

8:30 local puck drops suck. Stupid California teams.

The fact that you can't see hardware Serial Numbers in SCCM's device view is bananas.

Thanks random spam facebook friend request for reminding me I hadn't deleted my facebook account yet.

My hopes for the Avs ditching the blue pants with their away kits for the red ones from their reverse retros have been dashed...

The blue pants just look soo bad, and it would be so much better with the red ones from the RRs...

Organizing my windows ISOs a bit and this is how Windows has decided to sort my files when sorted by name.

Apparently 20H2 comes before 1809, but 2004 comes after. The hell is going on here...

All these twitter trends of "post X picture without downloading any new ones" like... do y'all just keep a bunch of pictures on your phones? I don't understand...

The Avs lost this game 6-2.

Good lord they can't buy a goal right now. Worst luck streak I've seen in a while.

TIL the "siren" noise from Prodigy's Smack my Bitch Up is a RATM sample from Bulls On Parade.

Warning, this video is awesome and very well might send you down a "how was this song made" rabbit hole.

Oh, and it isn't the music video, as an FYI.

Oh wait, this third dude is the guy from American Tog Gear, which I kinda like. That's where I know him from.

So like, can they legally wear sunglasses on the ice?

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I see the hashtag and I think, huh, the budget of NASA is 1/200th of the federal budget, 3% of the military budget, a third of what we spend on just cigarettes... and for that we get the entire Universe. Seems like a damn good deal to me.

It's worth noting that significantly more than half of Mars lander missions have failed historically. @nasa is getting *really* good at this lately.

Kadri is starting to have a knack for last second goals. I'm ok with this.

Oh no...

Looks like it's time to buy this game, for the 3rd time I think?

I'm not even a @Canes fan and yet I'll randomly have "Oooooh Mr. Svechnikov" pop into my head for no reason.

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