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So this super cool thing for charity (Child's Play specifically) starts on Friday the 17th, and one of the best parts is you can win tons of cool stuff! Check it out maybe?

Also sorry for the link to BirdSite, not sure if that is cool here or not.

Also also look at me using BirdSite like a hip cat.

Oh Hello HawkGuy Font...
Just announced in Hall H at , Marvel Studios’ HAWKEYE with Jeremy Renner, an original series that will also introduce Kate Bishop. Streaming exclusively on Disney+, Fall 2021.

Ok Y'all. About the Edit button:

1. It is a terrible idea. There are good threads about why, but just trust me.

2. If you use you can get a pseudo-edit that copies the text from a tweet and lets you re-send it with the fixed typo.
Everytime Twitter rolls out a new feature, folks scream for an edit button, and I want you all to really think how f…

Sure, I'm as tired as the next person when it comes to movies from the 80s being rehashed, but damn if I didn't get chills when the music picks up in this.

Also, by the looks of it, this is going to be one *gorgeous* movie. Some amazing landscape shots.

This is just perfect. The only appropriate reaction to the mess that is the Rockies right now.
Rockies analyst Ryan Spilborghs is fed up, scratches out on the score on the broadcast (h/t @KAFChi18)

I kinda want a cribbage board...

Well damn was that a hell of a storm. Hailing for probably a solid 10 minutes straight, and some big pieces too!

I agree with just about everything Andi says here. Maybe something big comes via a Barrie deal, but if not...

I had a lot of excitement coming into this offseason. Ton of cap space, obvious needs, and we looked enticing for FAs. The Avs basically did nothing with it.
The Avs major need heading into FA season: an established top 6 forward.

Avs acquisitions: two 2/3 line tweeters, a 6/7 D, a 4th line guy, …

Ok so I'd really like us to make a splash. But not a stupid one. We don't need much. But we do need something. Don't overpay or get stuck with stupid contracts. But we can afford a *little* bit of overpay.

I debated about tweeting these specifics out but it doesn't even cover like, 90% of the content of the video. And even knowing those bits you still need to experience them.


Monday's Movies With Mikey has:

An "Unsolved Mystery" parody.

A legitimately creepy Ring-like transition.

Strategically placed Duel of the Fates.

And *then* says "Let's get weird"

It's a good one folks. You could be watching it right now.

Plus at this point I appreciate a full, polished game that clocks in at just under 8 hours. I'm here for games that I can finish in a few weeks of gameplay, one or two hours at a time. I'm for quality over quantity any day, which is why I'm more and more drawn to indie games.

Just finished Cadence of Hyrule and wow was that a fantastic game. Super fun game play (I haven't played Necrodancer) and the Zelda "feel" was spot on. Plus 's takes on the familiar LoZ music is just top notch.

Sure would love if I could go on twitter dot com without seeing pictures of dead bodies in my timeline...

I just managed to uninstall office from my own computer while trying to figure out how to deploy it because I wasn't paying attention to if my PowerShell window was actually in my VM or not...

I'll miss Big Ol' Carl, but I'm waiting for next week to make any judgement on any moves the Avs make right now. Should be a very interesting week.

Ok, back half of the year is about to start. Gonna start eating right, working out, going to bed early. Oh what are you doing here Mr. Frakes?

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