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So this super cool thing for charity (Child's Play specifically) starts on Friday the 17th, and one of the best parts is you can win tons of cool stuff! Check it out maybe?

Also sorry for the link to BirdSite, not sure if that is cool here or not.

Also also look at me using BirdSite like a hip cat.

As in Friday, Monday, Saturday, Sunday, Thursday, Tuesday, Wednesday. And yes, these logs span multiple weeks. It was at this point your intrepid hero decided to call it a night and pour himself a stiff drink.

- Don't sort logs by weekday in alphabetical order.

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There I was, doing a bit of off hours lab maintenance, when I went to look at some logs. The logs for this particular piece of monitoring software have a column for "Time", that if you sort by it goes by weekday, in alphabetical order.

I love that we have this information readily available. Oh also I got an email that said my ballot was accepted, like a day after putting it in a drop box. All automatically.

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Almost 40% of Colorado registered voters have already returned their ballots. That's double the number from the last Presidential election, and almost triple the last election in 2018. And it's been easy to vote in Colorado for all of these.
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General Election Ballot Returns 10/23/20: So far, 1,436,180 ballots have been returned to county clerks for the November 3 General Election.

It's a bummer when a band you like puts out a new album and you don't really dig any of the songs. Then you slowly realize you might not have really loved anything on their last 3 albums, and their style might be drifting away from your preferences...

Y'all have seen The Shining right? This is what that hotel currently looks like. Damn...
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The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park around 10am today. NO filter. Will tweet more pics later.

If anyone wants to help out with the whole "My state is currently on fire" thing, this is a good thread of resources (from a pretty excellent local sports media company) that has some solid places to start.
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The fires in Northern Colorado have devastated our state and the homes and lives of the people in our community.

Please consider donating online at or by texting "LARIME…

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Again, the only possible platform abuse policy is, "You can't be a dick and that means whatever I decide it is."

We need to dispense with this objectivity bullshit, which is continually shown to be puerile. "Find another club for this shit" is the greatest transparency feasible

If you're thinking about adding random lyrics or a soundbite of someone talking to your ambient noise/instrumental track, it better be a good one. Chances are it isn't worth it. People listen to no-vocal music for a reason, putting in a clip from the news from 1950 helps no one.

Embracing my inner goblin and buying like 4 pairs of flannel / fleece pants was one of the smartest things I've done in a long time.

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Did some workshopping with @tuxbeej, @LunarJade, and @Kathleen_LRR

If o7 is a salute

Then Ø/ is a dab

No further questions.

Yeeep. There's a fast food chain that really hard sells this to the point where I've stopped going there.

Don't pay a corporations taxes. Just pay the charity directly if you want.

This also gives the benefit if being able to research the charity to make sure they don't suck.
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holy shit ive never thought of this when a store asks me to donate after they've ringed up my stuff

Also, receiving my ballot in the mail and doing research on all of these while drinking some coffee in front of my computer and taking my sweet time, why the hell does anyone *not* want mail in voting? I mean, besides the obvious. Colorado's done it for years. It's great.

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A good guide, I agree with pretty much all of it. I don't mind EE but his point of it hitting lower income folks hardest is valid.

Amend. B, while complicated, is good for small biz and makes rich fucks with multi-mil $ homes pay more in taxes so that's a yes.

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Colorado Homies: I made a comic-y ballot guide at @ruthpoliakon 's request. Local Denver ballot guide coming tomorrow!

The Avs, known for having an amazing forward core, now have a D of: Makar Girard Graves Toews EJ Byram Timmons and Cole. Good lord.

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No one:

Colorado Avalanche: we’re going to add another good player now

Hall to... Buffalo? OK then. Was afraid he'd be in our Division, or at least the same Conference. I'll take it!

I know I'm like 4 years late on this, but Slay the Spire is free on GamePass right now and holy shit is this game my jam.

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