If there wasn't enough already, this pretty much seals that I won't be playing this game. I don't think this is sending the message they think it's sending...
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One dev has spent over 175 hours in Cyberpunk 2077 and still hasn't completed yet. Even better? He said that's not even him trying to 100% it: gameinformer.com/2020/11/23/on

Well this is awesome, Twitch is finally offering generic support for any 2FA app! I can finally get my last 2FA off of Authy and uninstall it.
RT @TwitchSupport
📢 It's time to armor up! We're launching support for generic authentication apps for 2FA!

You can now use the app or password manager of your choice to keep your account secure, and you'll get 6 exclusive emotes - just for enabling 2FA!

📚: help.twitch.tv/s/art…

There's about 10 minutes left in this, if you are a dice-rolling nerd get in on this!
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Giveaway time!

For $8.94/multiples thereof for the next 45 minutes you will be entered to win the The Big Bag O'Dice 2020 Edition!

This prize includes a hand embroidered dice bag, seven pounds of dice as well as a DBloon


Almost 40% of Colorado registered voters have already returned their ballots. That's double the number from the last Presidential election, and almost triple the last election in 2018. And it's been easy to vote in Colorado for all of these.
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General Election Ballot Returns 10/23/20: So far, 1,436,180 ballots have been returned to county clerks for the November 3 General Election.

Y'all have seen The Shining right? This is what that hotel currently looks like. Damn...
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The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park around 10am today. NO filter. Will tweet more pics later.

Yeeep. There's a fast food chain that really hard sells this to the point where I've stopped going there.

Don't pay a corporations taxes. Just pay the charity directly if you want.

This also gives the benefit if being able to research the charity to make sure they don't suck.
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holy shit ive never thought of this when a store asks me to donate after they've ringed up my stuff

A good guide, I agree with pretty much all of it. I don't mind EE but his point of it hitting lower income folks hardest is valid.

Amend. B, while complicated, is good for small biz and makes rich fucks with multi-mil $ homes pay more in taxes so that's a yes.

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Colorado Homies: I made a comic-y ballot guide at @ruthpoliakon 's request. Local Denver ballot guide coming tomorrow!

I may have just had a revelation about myself that I don't think I was prepared for.

Do I lean on things a lot because of Spike Spiegel?

User: "Can you help me? I'm having some problems accessing my database."

Me: "Sure let's take a look"

User: <see attached picture>

Me: "Oh sweet mother of god…"

I love MacK. He is the greatest player in the world.

Anyone that has watched him play knows this is nonsense.

Also, hilarious.
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The 2020 Lady Byng Memorial Trophy goes to Nathan MacKinnon (@Mackinnon9) for the first time in his career❗

MORE: bit.ly/3hpFaG1

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maybe you've gotta remote learn this year, which it turns out is kind of hard if you don't have a setup!

so we're giving 1 winner who likes & RTs all this: an NZXT computer + logitech gear + nice ergo chair

legal words: discord.com/terms/back-to-scho

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Another example of officials making the wrong type of call when it comes to spearing. Pavelski only gets two minutes for "slashing" Nathan MacKinnon. Spear with contact is automatic game misconduct.

Ah yes, the start of a very unique semester where I'm understaffed to begin with, and even less of that staff is available for in-person stuff.

And they're mad at some people for stealing some sneakers. They stole Roads, Bridges, Schools and who knows how many innovations from us.

This country is so fucked.
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Watch how the ultra-wealthy in America gradually raised the taxes of the poor and eventually bent the curve downward until they paid the lowest tax rate of all

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