I don't know the split between him and Johnny Favs is for the story / plot / etc. in Mando, but if Filoni is rubbing off on Favreau then that can only be a good thing.

Maybe... There is Another.

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I will not spoil anything about . I will only say the love and passion that Dave Filoni has for all things Star Wars, and I do mean *all things* is so obviously apparent in his work.

It's a prime example of "work on things you love and they will be great" to me.

Light MCU spoilers ahead

This makes me happy. And also makes it very likely that I'll be re-reading Matt Fraction's comics this weekend.
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A new set video of Hawkeye, Kate Bishop and Lucky in the Disney+ ‘HAWKEYE’ series has been released.

(via: @BRMarvelNews)

I really gotta find a better way to do white noise if I ever want to get control of my top played songs again...

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Even though mine is gonna be all sorts of screwed up because I use it to listen to white noise playlists to sleep...

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Wait, is the 2020 spotify wrapped thing only available to view on mobile? I can't go to a regular website to look at it? Come on Spotiy. I'm not exactly "on the go" right now. Let me look at it on my full sized monitors...

Honestly, it's mostly a "how much of our tech have you implemented as a company" tool anyway. Calling it a Productivity Score was a bad move.

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Basically removing any and all personal data from their Productivity Scores thingy, since it's meant to be focused on the organization level anyway.

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I know I saw a few comments about Microsoft's Productivity Scores come across my timeline recently, this is a solid move / retraction / clarification (all of the above really) to address those concerns IMO.
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Our commitment to privacy in Microsoft Productivity Score .

The thing I love most about MSFT is that when we screw up, we acknowledge the error and fix it.

10,000 thanks to @WolfieChristl and others for the feedback wh…

I was very nervous about this episode of Mandalorian. I had a lot of expectations, and hesitations, based on how much I'm a fan of Clone Wars.

I didn't need to worry. Besides a very small personal nitpick, it was perfect.

I also may have spent like 30 minutes figuring out the sticking for Late in the Evening by Paul Simon. That's a hell of a piece.

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I've got the afternoon off work and I've fallen into a "drum teacher reacts" youtube rabbit hole. So I'm basically just watching drum solos all afternoon.

I'm OK with this.

If there wasn't enough already, this pretty much seals that I won't be playing this game. I don't think this is sending the message they think it's sending...
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One dev has spent over 175 hours in Cyberpunk 2077 and still hasn't completed yet. Even better? He said that's not even him trying to 100% it: gameinformer.com/2020/11/23/on

Well this is awesome, Twitch is finally offering generic support for any 2FA app! I can finally get my last 2FA off of Authy and uninstall it.
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📢 It's time to armor up! We're launching support for generic authentication apps for 2FA!

You can now use the app or password manager of your choice to keep your account secure, and you'll get 6 exclusive emotes - just for enabling 2FA!

📚: help.twitch.tv/s/art…

There's about 10 minutes left in this, if you are a dice-rolling nerd get in on this!
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Giveaway time!

For $8.94/multiples thereof for the next 45 minutes you will be entered to win the The Big Bag O'Dice 2020 Edition!

This prize includes a hand embroidered dice bag, seven pounds of dice as well as a DBloon


It's the year 20 goddamn 20 and I have fucking Leekspin stuck in my head.

PSA: If you are squeamish about spiders be *very* cautious watching Episode 2 of Mandalorian.

Not going to go into spoilers too much, but it could be a major issue if you've got a phobia, or even just a strong dislike of them.

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