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This literally made me laugh out loud. When can Pierre become a GM in the Central, please?

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I asked Pierre McGuire his take on Z-Saad trade: "Not sure why Colorado did it. Zadorov is tough and stable. Saad is a depth forward who is a committed player, but probably not a top-6 forward"

Love that Avs trade. Saad is like, a perfect fit (assuming we aren't getting Hall).

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I'm thankful other teams still trade with Sakic even though I don't understand why.

Watching the first episode of The Boys and Simon Pegg with an American accent just seems weird.

Don't mind me, I'll just be refreshing twitter all day until I see "Taylor Hall" and "Avalanche" in the same tweet.

You ever just wake up with "Cuban Pete" from 1994's The Mask featuring Jim Carey stuck in your head?


Just me?

Well then...

I've been doing interviews all day. This is my brain right now.

I don't care that it's supposed to be 80 all week. It's fucking October, so I'm putting flannel sheets on my bed and you can't stop me.

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If you aren’t doubling or tripling the amount of crisp in your apple crisp recipes you are a coward. Live dangerously

I know I smirk because of picking that up from Harrison Ford (both Han and Indy) as a kid, but like, this is a bit of a shock to realize.

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I may have just had a revelation about myself that I don't think I was prepared for.

Do I lean on things a lot because of Spike Spiegel?

Must be nice.
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Lebron and AD combine for 28 free throw attempts.

That's 5 more than the entire Nuggets team.

NOT the reason the Nuggets lost tonight.

But it is A reason.

I am a doctor.

Lakers get 12 more FTs than Denver. Lakers win by 6. Weird coincidence eh?

2nd game the Nugs should have won.

I hate playing big market teams. This is nuts.

Every time I watch an NBA game that features an LA, Boston, or NY team, I'm reminded why I don't watch the NBA.

Whelp, this is the first time I've seriously started researching how to move to Australia...

User: "Can you help me? I'm having some problems accessing my database."

Me: "Sure let's take a look"

User: <see attached picture>

Me: "Oh sweet mother of god…"

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