Summer Games Fest day. Not too much of interest to me personally so far


One of those days where the brain just wants to know what the fuck I'm even doing here.

I don't know, man!

I installed so many games today, you don't even know

Catsitting for a few weeks. Nice to have cats around again even if I'm a bit allergic😊

Also dipped into No Man's Sky again for the first time in a while. It's pretty much all new to me but I didn't get far before I had other stuff to do. I'll get back to it

Ok I guess mastodon isn't the best for video as I could not get it to play so I reupped this as a gif

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It's that most wonderful time of year 😣

Mesmerizing to watch though. I added an image stabilization filter which looks a little strange but I like it.

Cake was pretty good. First time making a fat-less sponge but it turned out well, nice and light.

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420 reference 

I baked some cake so I could get baked and eat cake 😁

One of those days where I get the impromptu urge to bake something. Einfacher Schwarzwälder Kirschkuchen it is!

Oh, the new Firefox? It's fine, like every other

Well that's tennis done for a bit. I have to find something else to keep me active 🤔

selfie, ec through sunglasses 

I always feel so uncomfortable taking selfies; I don't know why I take 'em😣 but hey from the beach!

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Went for a first swim of the year yesterday. Water wasn't the warmest but it provided a nice contrast to the 34 degree heat and sun. Had a fire for some grilled sausages and veggies too😊

Kicked off the courts before it was even proper dark. Boo😠

Well, the person I play tennis with got last minute notice that he'll be out of town for an extended period starting this weekend. That means playing as much as possible over the next few days even though I do not feel the energy. Let's get exhausted!

Happy to see the Waypoint folks getting back to streaming and additional stuff. Hope the subscriber number allows them the freedom to do things a bit more on their terms. Always enjoyed their dynamic but for some reason I've sort of fallen off podcasts in general of late.

mh, tennis 

This Naomi Osaka/French Open situation has me again thinking I should write up some thoughts. This happens a lot with all sorts of stuff but I never end up doing it. I guess in part it feels like why should anyone care about my opinion if even I get bored of it after writing a couple of sentences?

But all support to Naomi, this feels like an extension of a larger conversation on, broadly, introverts existing and dealing in a modern world built for extroverts

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