Woodworking Youtube is blowing up because a youtuber just proved - flat-out *proved* with machinery and controlled environments and numbers - that end-to-end glue joints are STRONGER than face-to-end or face-to-face joints, which is completely contrary to what we've all been told and assumed for... well, a LONG time!


@ifixcoinops haven't seen this but surely depends somewhat on the glue you're using? Presumably higher porosity of end grain takes up the glue better and makes for a better joint. Were the faces smoothed or roughed up? Guess I should just find the video😁

@WoodPixel Regular old Titebond II, tested using a hydraulic press on a variety of species, I saw the discourse and went "SURELY NOT" and yeah, no, he absolutely proved it youtube.com/watch?v=m7HxBa9WVi

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