Spent most of the day helping a friend with a task so it's unlikely I'm gonna make the count today. Just gonna do what I can to stay in the vicinity of on target. Continue be astounded by my progress. Nothing in my prior writing history would have indicated this year would go any different than any other but something clicked this year because the writing is no better but I'm not too bothered about it anymore. Must be the antidepressantsšŸ˜†

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@WoodPixel - I actually ended up getting more writing time in today myself, as I was stranded near the top of a mountain an hour's drive from any town, sitting with two blown tires. Really gives you time to think while you're kicking your heels for 4hrs @ 6,500 ft elevation lol.

@TheChronicEnquirer Sounds like you literally fell into the beginning of a horror story :D Hope you're somewhere where 6,500ft isn't quite as cold yet as it is around here. Happy writing!

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