There was a bit of a miniature glacial flow model on the truck's windshield today after a rare wet snowfall last night.

selfie, ec through sunglasses 

Managed to get out for some snowshoeing yesterday, first time this winter. It warmed up to around zero for the first time in a couple of weeks and that combined with sun and no wind meant I had to shed the jacket pretty quick. Down right warm!

A first little doodle to try out LibreSprite. I think the only thing I miss from Aseprite is the(seemingly?) better exporting for social media purposes. Looks like you have to scale up the image first and then export rather than it being done in the exporter. Am I missing something? Not ideal if this is the case :/

Looking at it further, this paper airplane book has some pretty neat stuff in it. Some pages of physics explanations that my German probably isn't quite good enough to get through and a bunch of different designs beyond the ones with instructions. Might have to try a few of the winning designs sometime.

Knocked out a couple of the easy cookies on the Christmas baking list today. Icebox cookies and coconut macaroons. The macaroons are a little inconsistent between batches and I'm not the happiest with the look but they taste pretty good🤷

I'll probably do 3 or 4 more kinds but I haven't quite nailed down what those will be.

Forgot to post it but we got about 20cm of snow yesterday. We don't usually get all that much over an entire winter so this is an ominous start. Looks nice though 😊

Finally got around to watching Tokyo Godfathers (2003) this evening after having it on my list for a long time. Quite striking. I'm not really a person to review something but I recommend it.

It is done. Well, the book isn't nearly done it turns out but NaNo is done. Kind of surreal, actually😊

the internet 

Oh really? Wouldn't I? Literally anything and everything is a magnet for controversy and hot takes these days. Doubly so if it's anything food related. Have these people ever been on the internet?

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I've been hosting my brother's two cats while he's away for the month. They've been putting in the long hours keeping me company while I work away at my NaNo writing project. Honestly don't think I'd be in with a chance of completing it this year without them. They've been a huge help😊

mushrooms, fungi 

Couple more photos. I'm not that knowledgeable about mushrooms so I'm sure I unknowingly passed up some good edibles.

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mushrooms, fungi 

Back online after a weekend away. Did a bit of mushroom hunting and found lots of interesting shrooms even though it's getting a bit late in the season. Funny enough I didn't take photos of many of the edibles. Guess I was too keen to collect them 😁 Among the edibles were a king and many admirable boletes as well as some jacks, some lobster mushrooms, a bunch of yellowfoot, and some shaggy parasols. Yum!

bad gamedev gif 

Well, I figured out how to take a gif in GameMaker. Problem is it seems to snap the bottom right corner to the main player object instead of centering it? Hmm...

Lewd-ish in plain sight 

I'm not the biggest fan of Almond milk either but really?

praying mantis 

Made a cool mantis friend at the tennis courts last night. Something about them comes across as very knowing and more complex than the average insect. Interesting to watch it assess it's situation as we were taking pictures


It's that most wonderful time of year 😣

Mesmerizing to watch though. I added an image stabilization filter which looks a little strange but I like it.

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