Boosted💉. Unfortunately the weather/season doesn't allow me to continue my tradition of playing tennis the same day as getting a covid vaccine😁

Been plugging away at some stuff today. Mostly getting things organized and starting to put together some sort of design doc for the idea I've been kicking around awhile now. Nothing really to share as yet but it feels good to have finally gotten the ball rolling, however slowly. And as I was doing that an idea for what I should do with the asteroids tutorial project I was in the middle of when I dropped everything for NaNo popped into my head. Much to learn

selfie, ec through sunglasses 

Managed to get out for some snowshoeing yesterday, first time this winter. It warmed up to around zero for the first time in a couple of weeks and that combined with sun and no wind meant I had to shed the jacket pretty quick. Down right warm!

Actually I think I'm probably being silly and this is fine 😅

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A first little doodle to try out LibreSprite. I think the only thing I miss from Aseprite is the(seemingly?) better exporting for social media purposes. Looks like you have to scale up the image first and then export rather than it being done in the exporter. Am I missing something? Not ideal if this is the case :/

Diet culture garbage 

@Pixley you know we're truly in a society of the individual when even the most ancient practice of showing love by sharing your calories is construed as an attack on the 'sovereign self'😔

Looking at it further, this paper airplane book has some pretty neat stuff in it. Some pages of physics explanations that my German probably isn't quite good enough to get through and a bunch of different designs beyond the ones with instructions. Might have to try a few of the winning designs sometime.

@ritualdust @neauoire well that was way easier to find than expected. Anyone need instructions for any of the models? 😁

@ritualdust @neauoire I think I grew up with an old German version of this. Will have to do some digging but those designs look very familiar. Memories 😊

I had started using a markdown editor called Deepdwn just before NaNo last year and liked it pretty well. Obsidian seems to be similar but +++

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Inspired by @protodrew mentioning Obsidian a couple of times I've decided to have a go at using it. Not usually that much of a note taker but I'm trying to rework my whole computing/working process. See how it goes. Used Syncthing so I can also take notes on mobile. Not sure exactly how I'm going to use it but a personal recipe wiki might be one way🤔

Played around with a ZorinOS bootable a bit today. Probably just the "shiny new thing effect" but it does seem pretty nice. Hmm. Guess I'll check out a few other distros to inform myself.

But seriously, hope the year 2022 brings everyone some much needed wins

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I know everyone's keen to start 2022 but personally I can't until I've processed the wildest thing to happen last year. Yes, yes there were environmental calamities and all sorts of others aplenty, but did you know that a lady in Golden, BC woke up to a meteor crashing down on the pillow beside her? Truly fucked up :blobsweats:

Cats I was sitting are out of the house again after a couple of months and I miss them so much already

Fun tip if you're ever looking to mess up your knees: injure one in such a way that walking makes it better and rest makes it worse. Do the other in a way that gets worse as you walk but better as you rest. Good times guaranteed👍

@neauoire I took a year of Arabic in university and I wish this had occurred to me. Household labels would have been such a good learning tool. Thanks for the idea, I'll be using it going forward!

Just finished watching The Last Duel. Wooo boy the feelings are complicated on this one. I'm stunned. I don't think I've ever been as emotionally invested in a movie. Utterly exhausting to watch. But I don't think I could recommend it to anyone. I never review anything but I may have to write through my feelings on it.

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