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Not caught up but catching up. Let's make tomorrow a good one💪

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Back to writing this evening. I like to listen to music while I write but it often ends up me singing to myself more than writing. You'll be surprised to know that this doesn't impact my output at all😆

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Not a great nano start yesterday, partially due to lack of writing time. Didn't make it over 500 words but this morning I'm up to ~1300 words total, so the train is slowly starting to get rolling

Dune at noon with some friends tomorrow. Read the books literally half a lifetime ago and watched the original in a theatre last year around my birthday with the same friends. Looking forward to it

💪Won a local mixed doubles tennis tournament today. The weather was really nice, if a bit chilly. Nice way to end the season 😊

Apropos of nothing but cooking together as a couple is the best. Been a while, I miss it

Still a great system with some top titles but that's not news

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Spent a couple of hours this morning playing NDS games. Not entirely sure how that came about...

So is the Meta thing basically like when Google "renamed" itself Alphabet?

Felt like I was making progress towards NaNo earlier but now after a few days of other distractions it suddenly looms large and menacing before me😫

The install size for Age of Empires IV is 218.65GB?? Excuse me?!? That's the largest game install I've ever seen. How??

Wow. I'll say I don't think that penalty stands if there were VAR but what a wild start😬

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⚽ FC Bayern vs Borussia Moenchengladbach is about to start. Should be an entertaining match and free to watch👇

mushrooms, fungi 

Couple more photos. I'm not that knowledgeable about mushrooms so I'm sure I unknowingly passed up some good edibles.

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mushrooms, fungi 

Back online after a weekend away. Did a bit of mushroom hunting and found lots of interesting shrooms even though it's getting a bit late in the season. Funny enough I didn't take photos of many of the edibles. Guess I was too keen to collect them 😁 Among the edibles were a king and many admirable boletes as well as some jacks, some lobster mushrooms, a bunch of yellowfoot, and some shaggy parasols. Yum!

Bushed after a decent bit of hiking and tennis right after😪

Gonna mess around and do a pomodoro or two today. The technique never really worked for me in university but after so many years maybe it's time to give it another shot

Ok ok, I've gone from having absolutely nothing for NaNo this year to the beginnings of an idea/outline and some characters. Not what I expected to be working on today but I'll gladly take it😄

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