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Try browsing #art or related #tags to commission an artist instead of wasting time and money on #NFT.

Borrowed from @bogswallop

It's not something I usually listen to but turns out chill piano music works really well to get me writing. Fuck lo-fi beats, piano's where it's at apparently

Not looking good in terms of making the wordcount today. Trying to do what I can to minimize the damage. Didn't get a ton of sleep last night and I'm really feeling it now, like writing in a haze.

Probably outside my ability to fix but maybe something can be replaced, does seem like there are some spare parts out there for the model

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Been on fedi long enough now that I'm wondering if I can turn my busted old laptop into a Linux machine somehow🤔. It's an old Lenovo y410p, a solid laptop at the time with a really shitty screen hinge. I encountered 3 in the wild and they all had the same broken hinge. I haven't looked at it in years but I think the hinge eventually messed up the bit of the board that the charging port is attached to. One day I turned it on, there was a spark and a zap and it was dead.

I like doing quests and other solo content because I can do them at my own pace but often when I hit an instance duty in the main story quest line it brings a screeching halt to my progress. Oh and people watching is great too, so many cool characters😁

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I envy how into FFXIV a lot of people are. I wish I got out of that game what they did because it does seem really cool and I do like the game well enough. But it hasn't ever totally *clicked* for me. Maybe I haven't found the right group to play with, but I think maybe I'm just not social enough for mmos anymore?

Hoping I can get the writing done in decent time today because for some reason I feel like streaming a video game this evening?? Probably won't last but I'm going to piggyback on that motivation anyway😄

I like to put a soccer match on on the side while I'm writing, if there is one I'm not particularly invested in. Gives me something familiar to stare at while I think. Currently I've got both the Milan derby and the Seville derby on. Cool to see them both have top of the table relevance for all sides involved. Writing's going decently 😊

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Yesterday was a really tough day, I made the wordcount but it was a hell of a struggle. I could feel my writing wasn't as good or focused. It's uncomfortable but I'm trying to tell myself that's ok, I can always rewrite during edits if I ever do edit this thing.

Have an Animal Crossing stream running on the side right now and it's reeeaally making me want to play it. I'd love to just chill and make a cool island😔

There's a huuuuge IF on reaching the goal I should add haha

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Missing doing gamedev stuff. I've got an idea that I want to start work on but I'm such a slow writer that for now nano is taking up all of my free time. Maybe I'll speed up as things go along but I guess it'll be December before I get to it. A nice reward for reaching the goal though😊

Managed a little over a thousand words this morning. Good thing I have a lot of time on my hands at present though, otherwise I'd have no chance of finishing this thing.

Honestly, the feeling of having exceeded the daily goal and reducing my deficit to the target word count is powerful. I need to channel this!

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Ended up powering on and getting far more words than I was expecting to. At around 5300 now. Not spectacular but not so far behind yet that a couple of good days couldn't make it up. Hilariously I'm already getting to the end of what I'd outlined. Was always more of a pantser anyway😆

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oof it's a struggle. Often when I'm writing I kind of lose interest in my idea soon after starting it. Finding myself wishing I'd chosen a different genre but I know the same thing would have happened if I had. I'll push on but I don't see how I'll catch up at this rate. I guess you never know what the next day of writing with bring, could be a better one.

Nice to see people playing and posting Animal Crossing shots again☺️

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