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Started playing Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey. With my anthro background I feel like I had to finally check it out. Not very far in but there are definitely some interesting ideas in there. I will say based on my experience in-game so far, it's a miracle our ancestors didn't all die falling out of trees. We shouldn't be here haha

Still pretty much on target. Project feels like it's lost some momentum this last week and I've sort of been writing just to get the words in. Lots for future, editor me to cut and rewrite

Neofeud is 70% off! Help some Hawaiians pay some bills, do education work, and keep the roof over the kids as well as complete Neofeud 2! (Also you get an anti-capitalist #indigenous-made #cyberpunk game :) )

Spent most of the day helping a friend with a task so it's unlikely I'm gonna make the count today. Just gonna do what I can to stay in the vicinity of on target. Continue be astounded by my progress. Nothing in my prior writing history would have indicated this year would go any different than any other but something clicked this year because the writing is no better but I'm not too bothered about it anymore. Must be the antidepressants😆

I'm (ever so slightly) ahead of the wordcount par for the first time in my personal history with nano. I think this is my sixth or seventh attempt? Slow and steady now.

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Oh really? Wouldn't I? Literally anything and everything is a magnet for controversy and hot takes these days. Doubly so if it's anything food related. Have these people ever been on the internet?

Channeled that anger into doing some cleaning around the house. Not an uncommon occurrence of late. Wonder what percentage of my cleaning the last few years has been fueled by anger at the actions of some of our neighbours to the south🤔

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Nothing like the smell of heinous injustice on a Friday morning, am I right?🤢

Turns out cats are actually the many disembodied feet of god trying to trip you on your ass🤷

Well there's basically no perishable food or much of anything else left in any grocery stores around the region as people panic buy because of the flooding that has cut off supply lines from Vancouver for the time being. Feels a lot like the pandemic buying rush although objectively we will be reconnected to supplies before too long. This sort of thing will only become more and more common. Feel for people from flooded communities who evacced here and now can't even get basics due to hoarding😨

⚽Canada up 2-0 against Mexico in icy Edmonton. I think Canada might actually qualify on merit for a World Cup before getting to '26 as a co-host. Hell yeah!

❄️First snow of the season falling right now❄️

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I've been hosting my brother's two cats while he's away for the month. They've been putting in the long hours keeping me company while I work away at my NaNo writing project. Honestly don't think I'd be in with a chance of completing it this year without them. They've been a huge help😊

Heck of a battle but I made the wordcount goal. I don't think I'd have passed this hurdle in previous years. Was the writing good? Nah. But it got done

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Hit a block in my writing because I can't figure out the next bit which will set up quite a bit of the back half. It's just not coming to me and it feels like a pivotal make or break moment for this year's nano. Maybe I need to go for a walk or something

There is a 20 year old frog in this house! 2 decades!

Unusually drafty this evening. Must be the breeze blowing through all these plot holes😀

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