@Ttown I think a lot of people haven't seen the depth of fear and racism in some Southern families. My grandmother was born in 1892 and grew up during the backlash to reconstruction. The N word was heard frequently in our house. I was taught to fear Blacks.

@TheNorthCoast@democracy.tow They count money while we count bodies.

@GreenFire I agree. Biden might be our last democratically elected president for a while.

No need for cable. We just have internet 10 mbs. Netflix etc. work fine. Reuters. TV and PBS and MSNBC for news.

@W0AEZ Hustler 6BTV. Only a narrow part of 80M band tunes though.

@SilverRose Welcome! I'm a Twitter refugee too. I'm quite impressed with Mastodon. Use the search box to find people to follow.


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