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and at a local tea farm - a combo for an unforgettable experience!

Cheese cake on the right and banana cocoa cake on the left. The tea plantation is oolong tea farm near , so of course we had oolong tea 😋

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The latest e-book bundle from StoryBundle is The 2018 Adventure SF Bundle.

Curated by Kevin J. Anderson, the bundle includes 13 science fiction books by a range of excellent authors.

All DRM-free and in multiple formats for all devices.


Medicine culture in is so messed up. Asked medicine to threat common cold got a set of antibiotics - at a pharmacy 😂
Good think I'm lucid enough to research it. 😅

All of these freezers are filled with mock meat and fish! Ranging from sausages and kotlets to bacon and chicken wings!

Buddhists are vegetarian however to avoid excluding non Buddhists they use mock meat for their dishes.

You can usual find shops like this near bigger Buddhist temples.

Studying psychology with "the psychology book". Feel like I'm in school again, I'm sure my history teacher would be proud to see me concpecting my notes again 😊

Been playing this cat game on android.
You basically put toys in your yard and cats come to play with them. In exchange they bring you fish which you use to buy more toys and food and the cycle continues.

Here's my bunch!

Watching group stages of is really damn painful here in . Games start at midnight and end at 9 in the morning 😭

I'm happy I found strength to watch some VODs today - Liquid vs EG was one of the best dota I've seen in a while!

Started reading "The Mythology Book" from my favorite "big ideas simply explained" book series by DK.

Brushing up on my Mythology knowledge with this new release. Just about to finish the first chapter about ancient Greece and so far its really fun!

Slow motion .
These guys were just dancing around before rain, presumably catching smaller bugs that got drawn out by the weather or maybe mating dance? Nevertheless it's quite a view!

For some reason South East Asia is very obsessed with barb wire.
This particular Cafe in Thailand had a very pleasant prison atmosphere!

Found these guys at a local market!
They are looking for their lost brother Panda. Anyone has any idea where I can find him?

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