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A young child has taken an interest in picking up any crow feathers she sees. The crows have taken an interest in this little girl.

You decided to create a Religion on the internet where you are a god just for the fun of it, it spread out of your control, and after a while, you started to gain powers as more and more people started to workship you.

Every animal species has sent ambassadors from their home planets to observe, monitor, and ultimately decide if humans deserve to exist. It takes a unanimous vote to wipe out humanity. Based on how we’ve treated Earth and the other animals, all have voted for extinction. All except for dogs.

You hear of an “alternative” psychiatrist moving into your town. You suffer from a serious case of schizophrenia, so you decide you have nothing to lose and mark an appointment. Everything goes like all the other times, until he starts talking with your voices.

you’ve been blind for your whole life but you’ve always been able to “see” darkness in people. Much like a container of water, the more full of darkness someone is the more evil they are. Today for the first time ever, you see someone filled to the brim with darkness

Aliens had invaded earth years ago, culling all humans that were agressive and unfriendly. They now sell humans as companion pets. You are waiting for your new "family" to pick you at the shelter, since you were a child.

An old cat travels the Old West seating inside a wagon. The customers are told to leave it alone. One day, when the full wagon is traversing a deserted town, the cat starts acting strange. The coach is told about this, and stops his vehicule.

in the future, humanity has colonized Mars. One day, due to your hobby for excavation , you come across an alien message within a cave. Using your tech specs, you analyse it. You discover that the message is written in something called Egyptian Hieroglyphs....

You wake up in hospital, handcuffed to the bed. Police tell you that you crashed your car and you're lucky to be alive. When they pulled you out of the wreck, you were unscathed but covered in blood but it wasn't yours. You have no memory of the crash or what happened before.

You are investigating an asylum and though the patients are never exposed to the outside world, one of them manages to perfectly recreate a famous piece of art.

You are a vampire hunter, and the local population cheers every time that, when bloodless bodies appear, you're there as well to hunt down the vampire. Except they don't know that's the best cover you ever found in 200 years. Because YOU are the vampire.

The reaper comes to collect your soul, but instead of a literal sense, he takes what you put your heart and soul into

You are a hitman assigned to bug people. That’s your job. People hire you to spill coffee on their enemies, bleach their clothes and bump their cars.

You buy a Quick Pick lottery ticket and check it later in the week. 4 8 15 16 23 42. You've won. And you're flying to Sydney tomorrow...

You are an old man on his deathbed, you look around you and see that you are alone before taking your last breath, the heartbeat monitor goes flat and next thing you know you are being woken up for your first day of high school with a note besides you saying "fix what went wrong."

The Gods have granted Earthlings their innermost desires in an effort to save the planet from invaders. While most’s dreams include success and fortune, the children and young adults gain the power and specialized abilities they’ve always wished for. Today is the day of the invasion.

NASA send a manned mission to Mars. Once arriving the astronauts find a large metal door that seems to lead into an underground facility. Near the door are Spacesuits with skeletons inside, scratched into the door are the words 'Don't trust Elon Musk'

It’s Valentine’s Day and you’re having a romantic dinner at a restaurant with your SO. Your SO leaves goes to the bathroom and a stranger approaches you with a gift. “Happy valentine’s day my love”... they clearly know you.

An experiment to give octopi longer lifespans is wildly successful, and soon all octopus species are living as long as humans. This backfires when the octopi unionize and sue all of humanity for the pollution of the ocean.

The year is 2034. You're an astronaut on your way to Mars in a space ship when your ship receives a message from the dead Mars Rover: 'turn back, its not safe here. There's a---'

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