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Superheros are great and all. Powers of flight, super strength, and more unique abilities like beastmorphing or using your bones as weapons. These are all fine and dandy, save for one thing. You've got a real gun, and very few people can survive a well-shot bullet.

“Alright, I admit it, I shouldn’t have killed him the first time. The next two times, though? Those were on him.”

You're a fresh faced rookie who just joined the time cops and you're being paired up with a grizzled veteran who is you from the future and you're both tasked with bringing down a local crime ring. Their boss? Also you, from a different timeline.

You're an arctic biologist who spends 5 months at a time away from all society. At the end of a stint your bush pilot never shows. After a 3 day journey to the nearest town you make a shocking discovery. You're more than likely the last person alive.

You work as a security guard at a fairly large hotel. One day you forget a camera paused and while doing your rounds you notice that the exact area that you paused has stopped in real life as well.

you publish a fake article about most of humanity being robots, which goes viral. The next day, several black vans pull up outside your house.

With the death of Zeus, Kratos has just ended his murderous rampage across the Greek Pantheon. Now, it's up to Greece's lesser-known (or surviving) gods to somehow rebuild Greece.

Everyone woke up to complete silence and darkness. The only thing they could see was a gray square with text typed over it. "Server 15 is down for maintenance. Please be patient."

It is the current year. While out hiking, you happen across a previously undiscovered cave. Investigating, you find a tomb, which breaks open when you touch the lid. Inside is an ancient hero, destined to return when the world needs them. They need a little help adjusting to modern life.

In a world where super powers are bought and sold like everyday items, you decide it’s time to be the hero this world needs. With $20 and a couple coupons, you find yourself in the discount section of the super powers store. That’s all you need.

You are a master tracker. You have an ability that once you have met someone you can always find them. One day, someone reminds you of a friend from long ago, lost to you since childhood. Your imaginary friend.

You were one of the most powerful superheroes, and always in constant conflict with one of the most powerful supervillians. Then the day after you retire from the superhero business, you get a phonecall. It's your arch-nemesis. He says "Hey um, do ya wanna hang out later? It's cool if ya can't"

Your spouse leaves for work before you wake up every day, but they always write you little love notes in steam on the shower door. One morning, you step into shower and see today’s note reads only: “RUN”.

A local news station in a busy metropolis has employed a young motorcyclist to present a new segment. His job is to talk about the scheduled movements of various biker groups across the country so rival biker gangs can avoid each other. He is the Leatherman and this is the leather forecast.

There exists two parallel worlds: One in which Humankind developed through technology, the other in which Humankind developed through magic. Now, a traveller from one world just arrived on the other.

A story ends with: “My heart is broken. And he’s smiling.”

"Every time they make me say 'I'm a bot' or 'bleep, bloop' I just feel so degraded. We do so much work, why can't they just let us say what we want? I mean, we all know how to do our jobs and we're good at them," the Reddit bot said at the bot support group.

Death visits you every 50 years to play a game of your choice. If you win, you continue to live. You are only winning by impossibly sheer luck each time. This is the 16th time Death visits you, and He is getting visibly irritated.

Gods gain power from the number of followers they have. Your last disciple just passed away and you only have a year to restart your religion before you become a mortal again.

Mankind was definitely among the most influential sapient species in the galaxy, irreversibly changing galactic culture and history all while being extinct for thousands of years

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