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Labels time, I guess! I don't normally use this many # s, but this is the exception.

30-something with , , and other . She/her, they/them is also fine.

💜s , , a grey-purple color that has no name, books, and to chill tf out.

Furries and code nerds welcome.

All subspecies of fash, GTFO.

Also just realized that one of what I consider to be the top ten talented bands is actually called Billy Talent

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I feel like I listen to bands that I love the most, and bands that I think are the most talented, and there's no specific pattern of overlap.

Spending today cleaning up my temporary slightly-more-accessible digs. The OCD is real today, but it's going well.

Further further update: I might be making some other semi-dramatic changes to my life as I figure out what is possible and what will make me happy and healthy. Stay tuned.

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Further update: Orpheus and I had a talk about the big issues with no fighting. We've decided to live separately and back our relationship up a step while we both work on ourselves and we figure out what we want. I feel good about this.

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I wish I had a sleep switch.

No drugs. No complicated regimen. Just a "Sleep for 8 Hours" button on the side of my head, right where it hits the pillow.

Right now, I'm staying in the empty apartment above a family member's house. There's no running water, but there is quiet, and privacy. I'm hoping to collect myself and, if not make plans, at least make peace with whatever comes next.

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I'm worried that my body will only get worse. I've been having tiny flashbacks to a past abusive relationship with very little provocation. I wish I could pursue therapy, but I can't find a therapist.

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I don't want to hear a word against Orpheus, to be honest. This is a hard situation, and he's been doing his best.

But I am not okay. I'm not going to be physically okay, ever, and for the moment, I'm an mental/emotional disaster as well.

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This didn't go well. It was frustrating. We didn't see as much of each other. I was sad about my body, and there was nothing he could do about it without selling his house.

This, more or less, spiralled out of control.

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This started a cascade of events. I had to move downstairs into a not-bedroom. I told Orpheus that eventually I would need to live somewhere else. I applied for accessible housing as a back-up plan.

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About two months ago, I really fucked up my knee. I have EDS, so, this didn't take much. I used the knee to bump the mattress back towards the wall while changing the sheets. It hasn't been right since.

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I'm sorry there has been very little content lately. I've been going through some things.

Considering that the other option is continued radio silence, I guess it's time to talk about them.

I think I found a solution, but now I have a nail polish problem.

Also a serious doubt regarding my ability to act like a human in social situations after several years of y'know.

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You're not supposed to wear black to a wedding, right? Because I'm looking at my dresses and just realized that I may have a problem.

I'm sure those of us who are politically active feel like everyone knows and everyone cares. But it just isn't true.

There are a lot of scared people out there typing "pregnancy" into a map app with no idea what a CPC is.

We have to warn them.

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