@WrrrdNrrrdGrrrl "Cinnadust" really grossed me out. I don't think the word "dust" should be used in a food context like this.

@WrrrdNrrrdGrrrl that sounds so bad for you omg *proceeds to eat the whole thing*

@WrrrdNrrrdGrrrl Do nosy neighbors see why kids love it? DO kids love it? Did the nosy neighbor witness a murder across the street, and now they're too busy trying to convince people it happened to answer any of these questions?

@WrrrdNrrrdGrrrl I saw a series of “breakfast cereal ice creams” the other day and was like Whoa I am out of touch with what other people choose to purchase

@WrrrdNrrrdGrrrl my cinnamon toast popcorn bag is raising questions already answered by the cinnamon toast popcorn bag

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