My new plan is that if I don't find a new favorite Mastodon instance in the next year, I will get a gang together and we'll spin one up. But I'll wait for the new normal to settle down first.

@Hazardscape I have a lot of writer friends and a lot of leftist friends, so it would probably be one of those.

@jules Preferably yesterday, but I am so not taking on something that big right now 😅

@WrrrdNrrrdGrrrl It looks like the hosting plans have pretty reasonable prices based on what you sent me. It would be difficult to beat by self-hosting on AWS unless the server gets really big.

@GlowingStingray Hey, if you want to team up and start an instance right now, I'm down to join, invite, and help moderate. I just don't have the funds or capacity to spin it all up by myself. Especially because I think a custom domain is a must. (I was eyeballing strange döt ink)

@WrrrdNrrrdGrrrl Let's do it! When I'm more awake, I should have some time an evening this week hopefully.

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