I'm sympathetic to the article. I feel the authors pain. I too believe that there is one key bit of popular software that settle the score once and for all - and have large swathes of the share transition to ... games.

Google Just Gave Millions Of Users A Reason To Quit Chrome, Windows 10

Another and Chromium is suffering for it. All Chrome based browsers are suffering too. The alternative is the ever stable .

Maybe what we need are more Firefox based browsers.

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@Shufei The solution of course is to install a gimpy version of <something in the loop> with --disable-<previous step>, then use that to install foo, then use that to install the non-gimpy version.

And if you can't do that, then it's not really open source if it can't be compiled, so... not Linux! :D

When you are looking at the potential start of an amazing meal (Chicken with mushroom, capers, and dill - in a cream sauce.) and you know that no one but you will be eating it.

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Watch "Markdown should be added to HTML 5. Here's why." on YouTube

Please vote yes for this. Markdown as a built-in Web standard. This would solve so many problems for user submitted content on the internet. Please! We need it =|

When you pull computers apart so often that this becomes normal.

Im considering destroying a case to get easy access to the front panel.


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