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Am I the first person to think of “Stone Cold Jane Austen”? Almost certainly not.
Am I gonna let that stop me from feeling a sense of validation with each new notification on that toot? Absolutely not.

I once went to an anime convention doing a very phoned in Dr house cosplay. I'm not sure why.

accidentally swallowed a whole hot dog without chewing and i'm worried about the next 24 hours

As a machine designed entirely to fuck up the phrase "problem matic" upsets me but I find I have no way to properly air my grievances about it.

I'm just a sad dude and the references I make are old and pointless Alexa play tunak tunak tun.

It's upsetting I never have the opportunity to wish people eid mubarak

Taking an engineering course so I can jailbreak my fridge into dispensing root beer

Looking around the fediverse and like, where the fuck is wendies I want to be subservient to the rude burger girl

Looking forward to eugen selling out and being able to post on McStodon ba ba ba ba ba im tooting shit

I mean if we're being objective and honest about it; the "most iconic duo" is probably just boobs.

bugs bunny taking the carrot out of the side of his mouth, turning to the camera and saying "ehhh, google docs" and then the commercial ends

Children are easily fooled by the simplest of lies if it involves receiving enjoyable things they desire, for they are childish fools

One Ring to bind them, after consent has been established and a safe word agreed to

Not so much on the social media these days but here is an update for y’all!

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