Funky harpsichord

Am I the first person to think of “Stone Cold Jane Austen”? Almost certainly not.
Am I gonna let that stop me from feeling a sense of validation with each new notification on that toot? Absolutely not.

While we're on the subject what's the morality around wanting to set yachts aflame or hitting the nyse with an emp?

It's getting hot in here, it's cuz of climate change

It is getting so hot it's thawing the methane lakes

I own all material featured on my mastodon timeline, it's the consequence of allowing yourself to be boosted by me.

I once went to an anime convention doing a very phoned in Dr house cosplay. I'm not sure why.

accidentally swallowed a whole hot dog without chewing and i'm worried about the next 24 hours

@selfagency@bofa.lol alot of them were pretty blatant about merely coming here to ride out the banstorm, there really wasn't any way a certain amount of people weren't eventually gonna migrate back and the most popular accounts have 'more to lose'

@streetvalkyrie@bofa.lol The Potrait of Dota-ing Grey

Ranch is dijon mayonaise
teriyaki is dijon soy sauce

As a machine designed entirely to fuck up the phrase "problem matic" upsets me but I find I have no way to properly air my grievances about it.

*reads entire thread*
*meditates on a mountain peak*
*comes back to thread*

Cabin in the woods is ready player one for spooky shit

spicy take maybe 

spicy take maybe 

From hellsite 

Florence isn't even the biggest storm going on right now. But I mean, it's going to be a long term ecological disaster so I get why they're covering it.

The world is arbitrary and chaotic, it's individuals whose choose to be fair or unfair.

I'm just a sad dude and the references I make are old and pointless Alexa play tunak tunak tun.

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