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I need to remember that there are a lot of reasons people might like me.

“Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank and he can rob the world.” (Mr. Robot)

Today I did not make a public display of losing my temper. .

"I didn't know you were into pizza."
"No, no, the pizza goes into me. You're doing it wrong."

Perception of vocabulary question, please reply and/or retoot: does the word "fellow" imply a gender, and if so, how strongly?

wasn't aware that gray Folie started a new webcomic! seriously one of the best creators out there. this one looks like it's going to be Heavy Mental Shit in a similar vein as Drop-Out, though, so engage at your own level if that's not your bag fresh-meat.webcomic.ws/comics/

that’s always the weird thing about white collar crime stories, though: if you’re stealing money from a bank or jewels from a museum or whatever, that’s neat even though it’s a crime, because it’s fun seeing all the pieces fit together. With white collar it’s like “some awful people fucked over some other awful people before they could counter-fuck, and like eighty workers lost their jobs”

Harlan Ellison, the man who once bragged about getting fired from Disney because he loudly and graphically described his treatment for a Mickey-Mouse porno to everyone in the cafeteria, has died. Thoughts: xinjinmeng.dreamwidth.org/3693


QA: Bug report: feature not working

Dev: ... why do you have “DEBUG_MODE=turn-feature-off” set in your test? That’s the problem.

QA: Bug report: feature not working with DEBUG_MODE set to turn off feature

Dev: ... we need to have a little talk

Okay, so ... looking for this book I found in a library, back in my salad days. (So, earlier than 1985). It was about "How to Draw Comics", and it had a title like that, but it had a lot of 1970s and such artwork in it, including female nudes, psychedelic eyeballs with arms, and violent war comics. I recall a large section on how to make your own comic, fearing "The Aerialist." Any leads would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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If your manuscript contains the phrase, "I'm sorry I couldn't make this shorter", you can make it shorter by removing the phrase, "I'm sorry I couldn't make this shorter."