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Them: "I pirated your video on freelancing. It's good, but I'm scared to go into this career because I'm really worried about rampant art theft. Any advice?"

Me: "..."

I am so mighty, I have had a bowl of hummus in my house that remains uneaten for a whole third of a day.

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It's not a capacity for love that I need. I have that. I need more capacity to not hate so much.

#FurWorldProblems Show more

I think I'll start by not being an angry and nasty person today. I hope my human-skin gown still fits.

I just want to have a day where I'm nice and contrite. And everyone asks me how I am, and how they can make my day better. And then they do things to make my day better. That would be nice. Not big things, just some thing that would be slightly better.

Real weirdness is a feeling of alienation, of confusion, of shame. If you're hanging out with other people who make you feel like you belong, then you're not weird.
If the internet has taught us anything, if you brag about your idiosyncracy loudly enough, others will come forward who are .
That doesn't mean you can't feel lonely. Being lonely isn't weird, either.

Understanding popular sci-fi: Show more

The best part about hating this stuff when I was young is that I'm not nostalgic for it now. 🍷

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