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䷔ Does She Look Like a Dragon? @Xinjinmeng@mastodon.social

"They cannot use our shame against us. Regardless of race, social status, or gender, we are all affected."

Sometimes I feel like the only person at the party who isn't happy that they doubled our saccharine rations.

From 2002. It's not that these people are gone, they're just not in my life anymore. I'm not sure what the word for this feeling is, but I won't be looking for it any time soon.
I want to remember this moment for what it was, and for what it promised to be.

I found this old animatic from 2009. I have updated it and posted it to the internet. My stars, I was so thin then!

: To not have a car, but still have a designated parking space, then insist on keeping it empty and not letting anyone else park there for even a second.
They said I could be anything, so I became a crazy old lady!

Is there a word for that melancholy you feel when looking at a dead art archive? I'm guessing there's a German word for that.
And the word for the melancholy, when looking at an art archive that has been purged of all the entries, is probably a French one.

Would my real-media art be easier if I had better light bulbs?
Ugh, I need more coffee.

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Your deviation from the status quo can be roughly measured by how often you have to refine your internet searches to avoid entirely different topics coming up than what you were actually searching for to begin with 🔸️

It's distressing to me, that I not only have to explain RSS to people but also why it's better than algorithms.

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*listens to Owl City un-ironically*
You're not my real mom. 🖕

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