Someday I would like to see a Guide To Kickstarter Success that does not have sentences like "and then I teamed up on my next project with this guy who'd spent decades building a massive following on the internet and is an order of magnitude past the Thousand True Fans threshold".

(I have seen them, and used them. Spike's comes to mind. But most e-books about How To A Kickstarter from someone who did a Highest-Grossing Kickstarter Ever have some variant of that story and it always feels so disingenuous.)

@anthracite My stars, so there was this "how to make games" panel, and the Dresden Files game maker is there to talk about his process, and he says, "Oh, one day Jim Butcher called *me* up and asked *me* to head the project and then I did." And I'm, like, um, how is this useful?

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Step 0: twenty or thirty years of groveling in obscurity until you make that kind of contact.

@anthracite Actually telling us how to make contacts and do networking would have been nice.

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