I'm "I remember subway-station pillars being all these colors" years old.

Put the cellphone away, J72-K**, and learn about pedestrian right-of-way.

Sometimes torn-subway-ad palimpsests hint at something more epic than either original poster was advertising.

Not sure of its origin, but this was just shared in our branch meme channel.


.o0( ...I was commuting through *this* the whole time?! )

( Looks real different in daylight, don't it? )0o.

"...I need to coordinate the 'nefarious shenanigan abatement'."

[ pause ]

"Oh, no: I just spelled out the NSA!"

RT @MIT_CSAIL@twitter.com
Left: MIT computer scientist Katie Bouman w/stacks of hard drives of black hole image data.

Right: MIT computer scientist Margaret Hamilton w/the code she wrote that helped put a man on the moon.

(image credit @floragraham@twitter.com)

#EHTblackhole #BlackHoleDay #BlackHole

Is anyone else mildly shocked at the amount of stuff that Google runs in the background of Chrome?

Having Microsoft build Edge around Chromium and then release a statement saying that they removed everything you see is crazy to me. I stopped using Chrome awhile ago in favor of Firefox, but the fact that Chrome has such a large market share and influences standards to benefit itself is really worrying to me.

The new @WBAI studio continues to come together. Soooon, my preciousssss..

Important excerpt from when I was dorksplaining some "Star Trek" stuff to Epic Wife Gila last night:

The Borg lady from "Voyager" was called "Seven of Nine," not "Three-Fifths Compromise."

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