good #HTML is readable even without #CSS.

call that a hot take if you must but I stand by it. a good website works not only without JS but also without CSS. it can be ugly, but it should be readable. I to understand that of all the 💩 on the Internet Archive there isn't a single scan of the NYNEX White Pages?!

My kind is supposed to love the Vernal Equinox, but my sinuses are like a Superfund site and all I want to do is go home and boil my head.

Screw you, Spring. I'm allergic.

The only purpose an election poll serves is to convince people who should be voting that they don't have to, and that crap's just not going to fly anymore.

Ignore every election poll. Cast your vote like you're the tiebreaker, because you might well be.

lol my dentist just tried to get me to join Chabad

In the future, the rent will still be too damn high and the landlord will be Airbnb.

Asking oneself "Am I doing the right thing?" is not proof one is doing the right thing.

Not asking is proof one is doing wrong.

Why?! I demand an answer! The world deserves to know how come you can't have an *animated* GIF for a desktop background. It's 2019 for crying out loud!

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