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Don't just suggest Catoolin and force a repository on a already troubled mind! I don't think you understands what Ubuntu have been through emotionally. You should know better than a bot!

With time and communication, understanding, love will come from Source. And they will compile it together and CREATE! that how nature work from Sourche ;)

I taking this hashtag over! Because I had a longtime relation ship with Kali and Ubuntu, and I know how them LIKE IT! :P

100mB memory.
AV almost sleeps when something allocates form encrypted malware to memory dust

like all malware they only work when their is a vulnerability to exploit at that time. So if if we don't have the tools to measure this, is often some guessing and luck here in the pitcure.

If the malware operates through a meterpreter, whith means his man function is "InMemory". This leave no traces on the hardisk only RAM.

Thea are many techniques to allocate RAM


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I am gonna get my selv some Cuckoo Docker ::=) that can clean up my mess (forensic)

I don know if this is any better than other solution, but I must do better forensic because next time I am gonna make Malware for my "VM Docker Enterprise Empire" :P

I have made docker's all night!
But I want to try something new.

I want some kind of forensic kit that automates the process for me and with out me uploading anything on virustotal etc.

Just so you know.

Don't run firefox through proxychain's like this:

proxychains3 firefox dfsafds.onion

Use Tor Browser for this!

But the purpose with proxychains3 is to force different programs in the terminal through the tor network ,like this!

proxychains3 nmap -F example.com

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Type in the terminal:

proxychains3 curl icanhazip.com



It's working! Whohooo!

"Now I can bye dark chocolate spacecake for bitcoin dear" 😎

uncheck the box where it says: "Dynamic Chain" witch means that the tor will jump to different ipv4-addresses inn a dynamic chain. This makes the trace-route very confusing :P

Scroll down to the bottom of the config file and add:

socks5 9050

To save the setting Press:

ctr-x | Y | Enter

To save setting!


Now let's try this chain of confusion!

proxychains firefox dnsleaktest.com

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This is a tool that can tweak tor to your preference. Its awsome!
Start your terminal and type the command:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install proxychains
sudo apt install tor
sudo service tor start
sudo service tor status (on?)

Now we must configure the configfile

sudo nano /etc/proxychains.conf

@elliotpro What is a god payload generator to make a PDF? Something that bypasses Windows Defender

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