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My Pixel 2 camera crashed halfway through taking a photo of Obama's portrait tee-shirt at the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

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Death Note would've been a lot more interesting if Light started killing corrupt politicians instead of criminals

It might be to early to start hashtaging these stories but today's , Paul told me he despises open source software because he's a software engineer and he doesn't work for free. I asked him if he didn't like the competition and he deadpanned.

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33 Weird Tips For Using Soil To Battle Erectile Dysfunction

is belif in a flat Earth a an EEOD protected class? I'm asking for a friend.

woah, um the canary ui basically firefox at this point.

ffs why is logging unit test results such a pain in python?

VTech Platinum™ 1993
No one else brings you symmetrical multiprocessing affordably. Not Dell. Not Compaq. Not IBM. Not Gateway. You can only get it from VTech.

Starting with a single Intel 486DX2/50 or an Intel 486DX2/66 you can expand to double the power by adding a second processor board. Simply slip in the optional SMP Power Card and you're ready to fly. And when the OverDrive™ ready processor is released you can double that performance too!

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Hearing ads on your own music.

"Why ads?
Every time you see or hear an ad, artists get paid."

When do I get my paycheck?

thoughts are spherical. that's why you can't find them when you drop them.

fuck off with the manbun hate. I don't have one but you can keep you threats of violence against fashion choice to yourself you savages.

if haven't had northern vietnamese food get on it.

umm, what? ubuntu lts network config is now handled by netplan which is not installed OOB? all documentation points you to using netplan. how the hello do I install netplan if i can't configure my network. sometimes i really hate you, ubuntu.

home feed getting too busy?
go down your notifications and pay attention to the people that pay attention to you.