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the baker for my local Costco is amazing. these croissants are way better than the ones near work.

good of war completely justifies buying a PS4 pro.

shit I tried to get in the wrong car. who would have thought two red RAV4s would show up?

going through TSA with double knotted shoe laces, idgaf

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I don't even own on but I have the urge to start screaming "Alexa!" in this hotel.

spending the night near osu. I'm down to hangout but you're all imaginary internet ghosts.

damn I forgot how good the social network sound track is.

every time i think, "hey this bundled up all of the libraries id need, what an amazing time saver" I am always wrong. anaconda, spacemacs, boost always add more complications.

the hecker known as goodboy.

oh nm the site is still up. forgot i had js blocker on.

what the hell happened to google's op trademark? is gone, they only ever sold the rockchip arm64 with that trademark.
did google finally learn the lesson that apple learned when they switched to intel?

> Once you start thinking about large web platforms as governments, the logical question is what kind of government are they. One thing is for sure - none of these platforms are democracies.

I want to be sober for my wedding.

I stopped drinking a week or so ago. I just wanted to say somewhere that for the first big event since high school graduation I'll be fully present. it's time to move on from alcohol and on to what life I have with the one I love most.

I sent a sarcastic email to a recruiter and they're setting up an interview.

Their website sent an automatic response:

> ...our experts pore over every line of your resume, trying to find a match between your skill sets and our needs.


> It's been 2 weeks since I applied so I wanted to follow up to see if any progress has been made as your experts pore over every line of my resume.

I want a meatball sub for some reason. when did those go out of fashion?

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