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Discover Why Jennifer Garner Always Keeps An Espresso Machine In Her Basement

i apologize to anyone i mocked for their blinking LED keyboards.
i get it now.
my cats don't yet.

does anyone know how to create another Fn or MO() key in keyboard firmware?
im working my way through the documentation but my terms are too vague.

i have so many keyboards, not just mechanicals.
i have a waterproof logitech, a wireless one with a small touch pad.
a half keyboard just for csgo.
halo trues are louder than the razer oranges.
i think razer oranges are their cherry mx browns.

these input club halo true switches feel so good.
i'm glad i pulled the trigger on a proper replacement for the razer blackwidow tournament stealth that was breaking.
that was the first mechanical keyboard i've had fail on me.
oh wait, plugged it back in and i guess it didn't fail it just needed a cleaning.
too late, you've been replaced.

Most use cases of ActivityPub would be better off as Atom or RSS feeds

You Won't Believe This Unbelievable Way To Train Your Golden Retriever To Drive

reminded again why I always `voice_enable 0` in counter strike.
kids anxious to play competitively cause more disruption than the other team ever could.

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