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why do they call it a bullseye? I don't want to throw a dart at a bull let alone at a bull's eye.

almost every problem i run into ends at a "do not depend on docker" type answer from the team.

lol the more I work with docker the more I wonder how anyone gets anything done.

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i run docker in a vagrant box because docker on windows is still janky.

pleroma wasn't as far along as I thought it was.
im poking at nextcloud to see if that will scratch my itch.

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can i worship the embodiment of freewill if I practice non-duality?

sign my name into the book of the beast but do i have to grow my fingernails out?
they fuck with my godlike WPM.
unless they give me satanlike WPM.
kk, sold.

i finally watched avengers infinity war.

1. why didn't half the plant life disappear?
2. yawn.

Nice shot of my glow ball at .
This was at 's DJ set.

this podcast just said don't trust someone blogging in their underwear as an authority.
do you trust this blog post?

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