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JoYo 라면

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i get more interactions with my toots on than i do here.

imma keep posting till i pass out. LORN - ANVIL [Official Music Video]

@jk im too drunk to stalk anyone;

@jk im not stalking you i just see your posts more for some reason.

everyone keep saying the music was better when they were kids but i’m sitting here wishing i had this kind of expansive inspiration when i wanted to make music.

i'm replacing my iphone with a pixel for no other reason than to keep my attackers on their toes. if you don't have both toolsets you can't afford me.

when the bug is in the hardware

Dolores O’Riordan died. 😭

i know people that in the same breath complain about cancerous behavior and boast about their toxicity.

if you own a get you some furi. no ragrets

someone left a ziplock bag on top of the toaster oven...

i am happy to help newbies with what professional knowledge i have.