just setup a private #firefox #sync server. pretty straight forward... :firefox:

1. build a #docker image from github.com/mozilla-services/sy
2. #deploy it somewhere
3. configure identity.sync.tokenserver.uri in #about:config to point to your new location
4. login at `about:preferences#sync` (you still need a #mozilla account, unless you also run a private account server)
5. sync and check about:sync-log for #error|s

should i #blog that in more #detail? :think_bread:

@martin this is what I need to add to they.com. thanks

@martin my domain is thejoyo.com and that does have a valid cert. chrome doesn't want to do an http redirect tho.
I'm pretty sure that's how I configured the domain registration and cert.


@martin oh now that I think about it I am blocking port 80

@Xyc0 yes, that's what it looks like ;-)
curl also gets a time out on :80

but even on :443 the page doesn't work for me... it says " Error fetching updates" (do you need cookies or anything?)

@martin@mstdn.binfalse.diiie I disabled public access. i need a better landing page, I know.

fixed the https redirect issue. thanks for being my rubber ducky.

I all of a sudden wanted my own federated server and git repo. git.thejoyo.com is also blocked to public access.
man, let's encrypt is absurdly easy.

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