I have to say something: I am
now unemployed. After 5 years I had to leave my company and seek new work.

But in the meantime I have rising rent to deal with, and I am helping my brother, who lives with me. Please pitch in:$Underwraps77

I also have a Patreon page, where I will provide some writing from my website Long Pale Road, along with other work:

My writing is archived here:

I hope you like my stuff.

Good news: I have applied for unemployment and am waiting to see if I qualify. I am still in need of rent money as I transition to creative work. So please check out my Patreon and website.

You can also tip me on Venmo. My Venmo account name is FarahT, and my Venmo QR code is in the screenshot below:

I want to thank you all for sharing. And one person pitched in! Please keep it up, I could really use the help. I have not just living expenses to deal with, but I have to pay my phone bill soon and I need to refill my HRT prescription.

Again, thanks so much. ❤️

@drwho Mainly diagnosing and fixing computer software/hardware-related issues. I’ve used Netsuite, Bomgar, Outlook/Lync throughout my years as a technical support agent. And previously I was CompTIA A+ certifified.

@drwho I also write a lot and have been approached to write for publications.

@Y3WTREE Got a CV handy? I can run it through the internal job board at $dayjob tomorrow.

@drwho Sorry, I don't. I haven't considered making one until now.

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