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Yeah I’m rude, but fuck you I’m right.

‪Between Caster Semenya, Sonicfox and a bunch of anti-black, transphobic bullshit, I’m side-eyeing people who center lily white woman intelectuals and celebrities while calling themselves allies and comrades even more. I’m sick.‬ This is happening while you’re re-litigating arguments over which white feminist from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd waves are worth stanning. The answer is: none of them.

So listen to us, stand with us, work with us or shut up. We’re dying and being shut out.

On that note, I made a series of audiovisual posts on birdsite about my time on the ground on May Day, marching from the Sempra Energy building in Downtown to Chicano Park. I’ll link them here:

May Day may be over, but there are a lot of lessons to be learned. I’m helping another comrade with a Liberation News article on it. Expect it soon!

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sonic, religion meme 

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oh so you're a foucault fan? name three things that aren't a prison

Also, this happened weeks after a mosque in Central Escondido was a target of arson and graffiti referencing the Christchruch terror attack.

White Supremacy is an existential threat, and needs to be fought.

Are there any fundraisers held on behalf of the survivors and victims of the Chabad of Poway attack?

Solidarity with all victims and survivors of white supremacist violence. And specifically, fuck anti-Semitism.

Who has two thumbs and realized that all of those times they wore a jacket in 90-degree weather was because of dysphoria?

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Sharing this info and a couple of recipes about using acorns as a food source! This content came from the quarterly newsletter my tribe's administration puts out; acorns were, and still are, albeit to a lesser extent, an important staple food of Northern California indigenous peoples, my tribes included!

And a little native language lession! Words for acorns according to my tribes!

Northern Pomo: Bidu
Konkow Maidu: Hä’-hä

Keep the anger you have at LGBT people having their life held above them by SCOTUS, and use it. We needed people fighting for us yesterday. Let's begin no matter what happens.

All of the noise people make about their views on sexuality and gender being, “materialist” has just resulted in arguments that are less sophisticated than an episode of Montel.

The panel on Transmisogyny at SDSU I spoke at today was great, and I wore a black blouse with grey masculine pants and patented leather shoes, so I felt good.

Also wore a jacket with a friend’s rainbow Garnet pin and a trans flag pin on the way there, which felt affirming.

This Monday I will be speaking at SDSU’s Women’s Resource Center about transmisogyny.

Last night I spoke at the Justice Center about the contributions of Ella James, Coretta Scott King and Bayard Rustin to the civil rights movement to illustrate the multifaceted nature of organization before, during and after the civil rights movement. Another speaker spoke about the developing radicalism of Dr. King before he was assassinated.

I also wore my blouse for the first time in months. It was nice and I’m happy that people learned something from that night.

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