Do you want #tusky for #android to add webpage preview in the feeds #mastodon

Hope @Tusky is listening to us.

Please vote

@jamewils @Tusky I'm not sure they're listening. I haven't got past the opening page, which informs me that whatever text I put into the 'which instance' box is not a valid domain, and nobody from @Tusky has responded to tell me why.

@privvcy well what are you putting in? For your account its just

@Tusky I know. I finally figured it out, and now am a happy tusker. I was entering variations of Mastodon and Social, but finally added my handle as well, and hey presto! my little ivories are tinkling on the keys.


@privvcy @Tusky how do u do it!! I can't be a happy tusker yet 😭 Please, help!!

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@Yop @Tusky it's not just, try

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