I use my screenshot folder as screensaver and since it reminds me a lot of nice memories, I figured I'd share them, on screenshot at a time.

I'll post daily (when I don't forget), and basically go chronologically. I might skip some (when it's redundant or pointless).

So for my 1st : my first glimpse into the beta I had access thanks to a WoW guild's friend, the Rowsdower that serves as a PH when your account has no character to show. ☺ That's stupid & funny, which was a good intro to the general spirit !

Apparently my 1st char on the beta was a Chua engineer. I was so amazed by the exosuit cooldown and the bots that it was the 1st thing I took as screenshots while in game. (I assume the intro was NYI at this time)

Daily 3 : my first screenshot of the actual UI. It's the old UI and the release one was better, but it actually looked good imo ! Also you can see the watermark all over the screen (to avoid leaks, the game was still under NDA). ^^

Daily 4 : weren't the hoverboards the best ? ♥ I didn't remember, but apparently they were available right at the begining of the beta.

(And iirc on live this model was given to former beta testers ? Not sure tho 🤔)

Daily 5 : Not the most thrilling screen, but after my Chua, I made an Exile Stalker and apparently I got impressed by the animation when the char recieves a a quest remotely. (The "NDA watermark" is very noticeable there)

Daily 6 : One thing that had a lot of flavor where the gather tools. They basically laser versions of IRL tools. And the chainsaw (that I happen to pick 1st) was particularly cool. =)

... well not chainsaw, laser saw ? :P

Daily 7 : Rapidly the stalker was my favorite class. They can tank, the gameplay rewards good choices, the stealth has great utility uses (in addition to the stealth itself).
... and also, the animations are great. ☺

Daily 8 : I knew from the start that Explorer would be my favorite path ! (Note : "paths" were activities, that basically were made to suit the player's way of playing and that was selected regardless of the class : youtube.com/watch?v=lmCyPXv5AP )


Those short teasers were so fantastic, weren't they. ♥

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