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Daily 17 : Dunno why I took this (but as I said, I like take character menu's screenshots^^), but it gives a view of the "pre-F2P" character creation. The new one was cool, but I have to say I like the old one too. Classic & efficient. :P

Also, this Mordesh looks angry

Daily 18 (2 in a row cause I couldn't post yesterday :P) : I love the fact that during leveling (and even once 50) the game had quest that implied finding clues to determine a code of a cage/device/etc... Along with minigames, this stuff worked very well !

Daily 20 : A nice outfit, a neat overboard and a Datacube. ^^

Daily 21 : Posing with my (Dominion) Uniblade, next to two (Exile) Grinders. I loved them both, and they all were well designed to reflect the faction style, but I have to say I have a preference for Grinders. Luckily for me, they was a blue grinder accessible for all.

Daily 22 (well, "yesterday's" post cause I forgot again ^^') :
Reading a log in Wintervale. Always liked those, and especially the Datacubes obviously.

Daily 23 : Mining some relics while questing in an Exo-Lab. The atmosphere on those exo labs was FANTASTIC and in great part thanks to the OST. Their themes perfectly gave the feeling that we were in something old, mysterious and advanced ♥

Daily 25 : Some character creation try. (A female Aurin) ^^

Daily 26 : Ok so I said I'd post every screenshot except particularly useless one, or if redundant, so I have to post this.
... But what on Earth did I think when I created this Aurin ? xD (Other than that, Algoroc's Exo lab in the background ♥)

Daily 27 : I love how the wardrobe had basically no limitations whatsoever. E.g : it allowed me to display this chest piece which was Light armor on my Stalker (who wore Medium).

Side note : the NDA was lifted at this point, no more watermark on the screenshots ^^

Daily 28 : I really REALLY like the Stealth animation in WS. It was later changed, and though the final version was cool, this one was really my fav. It really had this "high tech" feel that represented well the Nano-Suit ^^

Daily 29 : I didn't center very well when I took this screen, but I love this giant trapped robot in Algoroc, and the quest around it. Iconic. ^^

Daily 30 (since I forget *again* yesterday) :

Fun times with mounts in Illum. ☺

Daily 31 :

Apparently, this was the day I got the taunt spell, and realized its animatoin included a "Mwahahaha". How cool is that ? :D

Daily 32 :

A Granok I created for a youtube video about the Explorer path, posing on a viewpoint in Algoroc. ^^

Daily 33 :

Not exactly a regular screenshot, but it was in the folder, and I still remember this silly exchange on the chat. ^^'

Daily 34 :

Another set of "taunt spell" screenshots. Not only because I liked the animation, but because, IIRC, I used one of these for a tank guide I made on my guild's website. :)

Daily 35 :

Level 32-ish, late beta, with my ugly leveling gear in Bio Dome 4. This was one of my favorite zones.

Daily 36 :

People waiting for the beta closing event, and having fun with mounts. ^^

Daily 37 :

The beta closing event (one of several days to come on that even :P). Good times ♥

Daily 38 :

Other screenshots of the beta ending event. The devs brought mayhem on Illum (and I imagine Thayd ^^).

Daily 39 :

And the last batch of this event. That was (almost ^^) the end of the beta.

Daily 40 :

My last beta screenshots ! Those are the deluxe hoverboard and outfit. I didn't remember but I guess they unlocked them just at the end. (Maybe to test the fact that deluxe purchasers actually got their rewards ?)

Daily 41 :

My first screenshot on live ever... well, kind of. :D
After waking up at 5 AM and hoping (in vain as the servers weren(t even up) to log in with my pals from , and went to work, spent an evening with my friends and came back IG to this ☺

Daily 42 :

On my first char, my Cassian Stalker, I leveled by Levian Bay. I really really like this zone. The rainy/stormy atmosphere, the story with the Datacube and all. It was cool. :)

Daily 43 :
(It's still probably Sunday somewhere in the world, isn't it ? 😬)

The creation of my Mordesh Medic. This race haf a lot of cool customisation option. The science-gone-wrong was a nice take to make a undead looking race. (Well half undead half cyborgs)

Daily 44 :

I loved zone with Loftite (mainly Algoroc, dunno if there were others), this blue crystal that lowered the gravity. A lot of fun... and a few deaths when you went out of its influence in the middle of a jump. 😄

Daily 45 :

Wub wub wub wub ! Just after creating my medic, I played around with the spells. This class has the coolest effects (not the best example here) and nice SFX. Including one that sounds like dubstep, yeah. :D

Daily 46 :

Not the most interesting screenshot but I liked the style of my char on release. Very Cassian ^^

Daily 47 :

My Medic with the excluisve outfit from the beta (but usable on live). No dyes. I loved it, it was one of my fav outfit but I wished everybody could have it. (I really REALLY don't like exclusive content.)

Daily 48 :

As an explorer, I often was led by the game to great viewpoints. Here, the main city of Levian Bay , Lightreach Mission.

Daily 49 :

Another Levian Bay viewpoint. Not the best one, but still I really like this zone. ^^

Daily 50 :

My Stalker in the beta outfit. (Still in Levian Bay ^^)

Daily 51 :

I mentionned it before, but WS allowed to display ANY outfit, regardless of the armor type. This allowed very cool styles and a real freedom on that area ♥
Here with a light jacket (while I was a "medium" class), the Explorer headpiece and the beta pants.

Daily 52 :

My first house on live. ♥ Very basic, with utility plots, and as the main building, the ship from the Deluxe edition.

Daily 53 :

Shoot, I forgot again yesterday (busy day parenting). 😐
Anyway, another shot of this Explorer puzzle jump, but this time on live server. I love this path so much ! ^^

Daily 54 :

This was one of the easiest plot to get, but a fun one. It had a challenge (that you could do like 30 min iirc ?) requiring to get at the top, using the low gravity around it -because of the loftite- in 00:40.
Did it countless times !

Daily 55 :

Another shot of my housing, with the "loftite jump" (not its actual name) plot I posted yesterday, seen from afar.


Daily 56 :


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Daily 57 :

This one of my favorite outfits. It evolved slightly but I used it until the end of the game ^^

Daily 59 :

One of my first dungeons (probably my first on live), in Kel Voreth.
... with a weird LAS. Though I probably had a limited set of actions at this level which would explain it. :3

Daily 60 :

I love the Chuas, and their leader, Mondo Zax, is the most visonnary of all. Turn Arboria into parking lot ? BRILLANT \o/

Daily 61 :

Ok so, random Draken, I agree : you CAN dye all your gear with the same flashy color.
I mean. You can, sure.

But should you, though ? 😬

Daily 62 :

Exploring Auroria. =) (The zone after Ellevar -that I wrongly named Levian bay a few times in the thread...) that revolved around Cassians, the Dominion Humans.

After the harshness of Levian Bay, the discovery in Ellevar, Auroria is where Cassians settled.

In the 2nd screen if you look closely, you can spot a slight bug : during the exploration animation (when you set the transmitter, there is a 5 sec cutscene showing you the surroundings as a reward), you can notice that the dyes on the gear are not applied. ^^

Daily 64 :

Nope. Nothing to see here.
Just some good ol' Whitevale's snow.


Daily 65 :

Whitevale is a very heterogeneous zone, and even has some kind of contaminated quest hub where you have to progress while managing the hazmat suit. Pretty cool ^^

Daily 66 :

Among my fav screenshots ever ! This was in Whitevale where I had one of my first PvP expercience. Fighthing on a floating rock. How cool is that ? :D
You can notice the icon because I had added the char on my rival list. It allows to spot them on the map.

This obviously doesn't show on the screenshots, but iirc our fight have been going for a few minutes and we moved from rock to rock. That was fairly epic ♥

Daily 67 :
The same subzone as yesterday, a few minutes after I was done climbing. And yes I used my Explorer beacon to TP in case I fell. ☺

Daily 68 :

The Rival List I mentionned before is an incredible tool. It allows to add a player of the opposite faction to spot it easily.

Here, roughly translated : "FILTHY SCUM SOB KILL ON SIGHT".
... Yeah Warriors were hard for stalkers and he kinda ganked me.

Daily 70 :

Questing in Whitevale and having fun with my (deluxe edition) hoverboard. :P

Daily 71 :

A nice subzone of Whitevale. There, missions revolved around Pells (humanoids natives of Nexus). iirc this is also where I encountered Drusera for the first time.

Daily 72 :

Another Explorer viewpoint, on a cliff above a Protostar farm.

Daily 73 :

My first steps at housing. It was in the spaship (from the Deluxe edition, that I posted a few days ago) and with the few items I had. Nothing fancy or that even made sense. ^^

Daily 74 :

Tanking at the War of the Wilds. It was an instance based on MOBAs (except PvE). You have to capture spots (that can be recaptured by the ennemies) to generate more creeps than the CPU and eventually destroy the other base. It was very fun and original !

Daily 75 :

"Let's zap some hoomans !"
This was my engineer alt. I love the class (not as much as stalker for tanking, though), and most importantly, I love Chuas ! :D

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